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About Xinjiang

Xinjiang, officially known as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, is an autonomous region in the northwest of China. It is the largest provincial-level administrative region in China, covering an area of over 1.6 million square kilometers. It is bordered by eight countries, including Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Ethnic Group & Silk Road

Xinjiang is home to a rich tapestry of ethnic groups, with the Uyghur ethnic group being the largest. xinjiang uyghur.jpgOther ethnic minorities in Xinjiang include Kazakhs, Hui Muslims, Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Uzbeks, and more. This diversity contributes to the region's cultural richness and heritage. 

Xinjiang was a key stop along the ancient Silk Road, facilitating trade and cultural exchange between East and West. The region is known for its traditional music, dance, cuisine, and craftsmanship. The Uyghur culture, in particular, with its unique language, music, dance, and cuisine, plays a significant role in defining Xinjiang's cultural identity.

Top Attractions in Xinjiang

As the capital of Xinjiang, Urumqi is the largest city in the region and serves as a major cultural, economic, and transportation hub. Urumqi has a unique blend of cultures, with a mix of Han Chinese, Uyghur, Kazakh, and other ethnic groups calling the city home. xinjiang-travel-pics.jpg

There is the famous bustling market the Grand Bazaar, which offers a vibrant display of traditional crafts, textiles, and local cuisine. Also, there are many stunning natural landscapes, including the Tianshan Mountains and Heavenly Lake, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. As for the natural attractions,  there is a paradise for natural lovers-- Hemu Village, the fairy tale Kanas Lake. You can marvel at the turquoise Taklamakan Desert, enjoy the red rocks of the Flaming Mountain, indulge in the blue of the last tear of Atlantic-- Sayram Lake, wander through the vast grasslands of Naraty, or walk through the historical Kashgar Old Town. Whether exploring the rugged Mountains or braving the vast Desert, Xinjiang Travel Expert will arrange you an unforgettable and valuable experience.

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Climate of Xinjiang

Xinjiang experiences a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. In the summer months, temperatures can soar to over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in some areas, particularly in the Tarim Basin and Turpan Depression, making it one of the hottest places in China. In contrast, winterxinjiang-climate-mountain.jpg temperatures can drop well below freezing, especially in the mountainous regions of the Tianshan and Altay Mountains.

Xinjiang also experiences distinct seasonal changes, with spring and autumn being relatively short but pleasant seasons with mild temperatures. The region receives limited rainfall, with most precipitation occurring in the form of snow in the winter months. The desert regions, such as the Taklamakan Desert, are extremely arid and receive very little rainfall throughout the year.

Xinjiang's climate varies widely depending on the specific location within the region, with the desert regions being hot and dry, while the mountainous areas can be cooler and more temperate. Before you go to Xinjiang, you should be prepared for extreme temperatures and varying weather conditions depending on the season and location within the region.

Best Destination:North Xinjiang & South Xinjiang

Xinjiang is a popular destination for travelers seeking to explore its diverse landscapes, historical sites, and cultural heritage.

In Xinjiang, you can enjoy attractions such as the Gobi Desert, Heavenly Lake, the Flaming Mountains, the ancient city of Kuqa, and the bustling bazaars of Kashgar.

In Xinjiang, you can indulge in natural beauty, experience cultural diversity, and enjoy historical significance, this place will offer you a unique and fascinating travel experience. 

Xinjiang is divided into two parts: the North Xinjiang and the South Xinjiang. In South Xinjiang, you can enjoy the vast deserts, and ancient cities with a long history, and feel the charm of the Silk Road; in North Xinjiang, you can embark on the high mountains, and grasslands, and feel the breeze of the endless lake blowing on your face!

North Xinjiang 

North Xinjiang is characterized by its diverse landscapes, including vast deserts, rugged mountain ranges, and fertile oasis regions. 

north xinjiang.jpg

There are beautiful Altay Mountains area and Yili Grassland, which is famous for its picturesque landscape. Mysterious Kanas Lake Nature Park, which is called "Oriental Switzerland". The heavenly blue Sayram Lake, Natural paradise Naraty, and scenic Kalajun which is dressed by the valleys embedded in mountains with beautiful grassland and abundant forests. Those are the top natural wonders in China.  

heavenly lake.jpg                               north xinjiang snow-mountain.jpg

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South Xinjiang 

South Xinjiang includes the Taklamakan Desert, the Tarim Basin, the Pamir Mountains, and the Kunlun Mountains which is known for its vast deserts, oases, and snow-capped peaks, creating a stunning and varied natural environment.

south xinjiang map.jpg

South Xinjiang has a continental climate with extreme temperature variations between summer and winter. The region experiences hot, dry summers and cold winters, with limited precipitation. The oases in the region provide fertile land for agriculture and settlement.


South Xinjiang is a popular destination for travelers seeking to explore its unique landscapes and cultural attractions. You can enjoy activities such as camel trekking in the desert, visiting ancient Silk Road sites, exploring traditional Uyghur markets, and experiencing local festivals and customs. Popular tourist destinations in our trip to South Xinjiang include Hotan, Kashgar, Kuqa, and so on. On the trip, you can enjoy the mysterious Taklamakan desert, discover the splendid culture and history of the ancient Silk Road, and experience the colorful customs of the different ethnic groups. 

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