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As the reputable Xinjiang Travel Agency based in Urumqi, Xinjiang China Travel always promises you a detailed, passionate organization. Xinjiang is very worth visiting due to its abundant tourism resources. Xinjiang displays its richness and splendor through its magnificent landscapes, its long history, its plain but attractive ethnic folk customs, and ethnic people with distinctive cultures. 

The magnificent Tianshan Mountain Ranges about 1800 kilometers long from the east to the west divided Xinjiang land into two parts: North Xinjiang and South Xinjiang.

North Xinjiang Refers to the Altay Mountains area and Yili Grassland, which is famous for the picturesque landscape. Kanas Lake Nature Park, which is called "Oriental Switzerland".  Sayram Lake, Naraty, and Kalajun are dressed by the valleys embedded in mountains with beautiful grassland and abundant forests, which are the top natural wonders in China.  We suggest you take North Xinjiang Tour from April to late-June for the good price and pleasant weather.

Here are the suggested North Xinjiang Travel Itinerary

11 Days Northern Xinjiang Tour to Kanas Lake, Sayram Lake and Turpan Culture Adventure

13 Days North Xinjiang Tour to Kanas Lake, Bayinbuluk Grassland and Duku Highway

South Xinjiang to Kuqa, Hotan, Yarkand, Kashgar, and the mysterious Taklamakan desert. You can discover the splendid culture and history of the ancient Silk Road and experience the colorful custom of the different ethnic groups. 

Here are suggested South Xinjiang Travel Itinerary

12 Days South Xinjiang Memorable Tour

11 Days West China Adventure to Taklamakan Desert

Comparatively speaking, Xinjiang Tour cost is higher than the other destinations in China due to the vast territory and long distance driving.

We designed the Xinjiang Small Group Tour for you to save the cost and also much fun to make friends from all around the world.

5 Day Urumqi and Turpan Tour

8 Days Xinjiang Travel to Urumqi, Turpan, Kashgar and Taxkurgan County

Book your Xinjiang Tours with us, enjoy the very best arrangements with the lowest price. We will bring you a great holiday!

We promise you the special Xinjiang Travel permit to Bayinbuluk Grassland and Duku highway from Kuitun to Kuqa.