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We are locals. We are the locals born and grew up in Xinjiang, we love Xinjiang and are ready to show our beautiful homeland to you all.Xinjiang China Travel is the Top Travel agency with the expeirence of 20years.

We are proud to be the official-brand owner of the reputable Brand: silkroadtravel.com

As the best Tour operators specialized in the silk road tours and northwest China Tours. As the owner of SilkRoadTravel.com. We have already had two excellent travel agencies. Xinjiang China Travel agency was built up in March of 2005. In order to make sure our clients can have better experience with better price, Gansu May Travel was set up in May of 2021 after the excellent job of 15 years. so far there are 5offices set up. They are: Dunhuang office, Lanzhou Office, Xining Qinghai Office and Xi'an office.

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our travel consultants at Xinjiang Travel and are experienced, thoughtful and dedicated to delivering you an unforgettable trip to amazing Xinjiang and China Tour.

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Greetings all travelers! Xinjiang Travel Experts are honored to meet you here.

As a local Xinjiang travel agency with the experience of 20 years, we're full of confidence to arrange an extremely excellent Xinjiang trip for you to discover the real beauty of Xinjiang. As one of the best tour operators specialized in Silk Road tours and Northwest China tours, we have helped tons of travelers from home and abroad to tailor-made their Xinjiang trip according to their ideal destinations, budgets, interests, and preferences, etc.

We have been operating two excellent travel agencies including Xinjiang China Travel Agency and Gansu May Travel Agency. Over the past years, we have been operating both private and group tours for many visitors from all over the world. Meanwhile, we have accumulated years of working experiences and very familiar with the Xinjiang tourism resources as well as the top destinations. Our team members are a group of knowledgeable and passionate ladies and gentlemen who are always willing to offer our customers the highest level of service and work hard together for one goal in unison.

Although Xinjiang has a vast land and rich tourism resources, Xinjiang Travel Experts is always here to help you discover the best highlights of Xinjiang, and create life-time memories.

We are looking forward to meet with you in Xinjiang and we are here to help you anytime you want. Please feel free to contact with us to plan your wonderful Xinjiang trip!