"Propose my dear to have one more drink,

No acquaintance out of West Yangguan Pass"

The ancient poem means the best friend of the poet was going to go West, where it was uncivilized and desolate. The poet was very worried about his friend and expressed the melancholy of parting. In ancient times, the farthest place they could reach was Yangguan in Dunhuang City. Out of Yangguan Pass was the west uncivilized and desolate. To us, out of Hami is Yangguan Pass having friends either. Hami is the easternmost gate of Xinjiang. It is adjacent to Ruoqiang County in the south, Mulei County and Shanshan County in the West and Southwest, and Mongolia in the north and northeast with 586.663 km of National boundary.


Hami is famous for Hami melon all over the country. It belongs to a typical continental arid climate with a large temperature difference between day and night and sufficient sunshine. Due to the geographical location of Hami, it is hot and humid in summer, which is quite different from other Xinjiang cities hot and dry and drier. Spring is windy, blowing willows green and rainy running peaches red. In Winter, it less snows. 


Why visit Hami

Hami has a long history with a rich cultural heritage, unique ethnic customs, and a wonderful natural landscape. The majestic Tianshan mountains run through the whole territory, thus divided into two different temperature zones. In the north, it is the scenery of snow mountains and grasslands, while the desert is in the south. Zigzagging along the two zones you might experience "different sights in ten miles and four seasons in a day". It is not exaggerating but vivid. 


Top attraction

Balikun prairie

As the second-largest grassland in Xinjiang, Balikun prairie is a good place worthy of being explored. In early spring, ice and snow gradually melt in the warm sunshine. People who are somewhere else or in a metropolis start to think of the grassland and the grass air. Time flies to summer, a season to stay. All in eyes are ripe green grass and wildflowers in full bloom. When the wind blows, cattle and sheep are seen grazing and their owners, serious Kazak herdsmen on horsebacks. 


Compared with the Lake in African Queen, the reeds and mosquitoes there test a man how deep he loves the woman; Balikun lake is just a delicate wetland for lovely birds flying low to kiss the water. If you get used to dry air fitting in the rhythm of four seasons still in somewhere else, you will like the picture of a snow-capped mountain around reflecting in the lake with colorful trees and transparent layers and white Kazak yurts. It is the story of summer Balikun Lake, and starry nights. 



Hami is the easternmost gate of Xinjiang and an important transportation hub as well. There are five airlines based in Hami Airport to provide multiple flight routes to various places. Hami railway passenger transport has been developing fantastically. Not only a number of air-conditioned, direct trains run in and out of Xinjiang, but also many EMUs, which are faster and more comfortable. It is a milestone of Hami passenger transport in shortening the passengers' traveling time.



Here are some nice hotels in reference. Please have a check.

Red Jewels Jianguo Hotel

Jinjiang Keji Boutique Hotel

Sunshine Hotel

Grand Global Hotel


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