Barkol Lake

As one of the magnificent travel destinations in Xinjiang, Barkol scenic spot, with its clear blue lake and surrounding grassland, becomes a major tourist destination in summer. 

What to visit in Barkol Lake?

Located in Kumul in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Barkol Lake is one of the biggest tourism highlights in the area. It is a lagoon in the Barkol Basin, filled by spring waters and stretches over 800 square kilometres at its peak. Barkol Lake is slightly oval, with the undulating hills, lush plants, and vast pasture around the lake. The unique spectacle of "misty mirage covering mountains". Every midsummer, the scenery of the of the scenic area is quite charming. Herdsmen nomadic lakeside, flocks of cattle and sheep are feeding in the green pasture, which is a good place for summer tourism.

Barkol Basin:

Barkol Basin is the region's second-largest grassland, covering nearly 200,000 square kilometres. Every year, hundreds of carpet houses were gathered along the Barikun Lake, herdsmen with sheep and horses flock to the lakeside.


When is the best time to visit?

Every midsummer is the best time to travel to Barkol Lake. Because during that period the scenery of the lake and mountains is quite spectacular. Entering the scenic area, you will see the herdsmen nomadic at the lakeside, flocks of cattle and sheep are scattered over the green pasture, which is a good place for summer tourism

Meanwhile, the busy summer season is also the good time to see traditional Kazakh horse racing and sheep hunting.


Other information about Barkol:

During recent years, Barkol's popularity has increased thanks to continued governmental efforts in infrastructure and publicity.


The admission fees: Free of Charge


Opening time: 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM