Urumqi Introduction

Urumqi-- the capital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China. It is a vibrant city known for its diverse culture, bustling markets, and stunning natural scenery. Urumqi is a melting pot of ethnicities and a gateway to the Silk Road, making it a unique and fascinating destination for travelers.

Urumqi is famous for its claim that it is the most inland major city in the world and is the farthest one from any ocean. Geological factors result in an arid continental climate with dramatic temperature changes between days of too-abundant sunshine and night's coldness. Therefore, Xinjiang fruits are juicy and sweet, nicknamed the "Hometown of Fruits."

There are 13 main minorities in Xinjiang. The city's major ethnic groups are Han, Hui, and Uyghur. Culture is so diverse in any other place that each group has its unique cuisine and traditions. 

Why Visit Urumqi

Islamic Architecture 

In Xinjiang, you can not only experience the local customs but also the style of architecture is also magnificent. Take Grand Bazaar for an example. It is a landmark of Urumqi and a must-visit spot. The Bazaar is in the Erdaoqiao Uighur Residential Area, built by combining Uighur polished grey brick joints with modern stage techniques to produce the atmosphere of retro and Silk Road prosperity. 

Beautiful Landscapes

Explore the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding Urumqi, including the Tian Shan Mountains, Heavenly Lake, and the Gobi Desert. The Natural scenery is unique and beautiful, company with the scenery, fresh air, and blue sky are all so perfect.

Fascinating Ethnic Cultures

One of the reasons for visiting the city is to experience diversifying cultures, including exceptional food, music, dance, clothing, various products with ethnic features, customs, yurt, wedding ceremonies, etc. The Uyghurs as the main ethnic groups of Xinjiang, here you can also Experience the unique Uyghur culture, cuisine, and traditions in Urumqi, which is a melting pot of various ethnicities.

Adventure Activities

Engage in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and camel riding in the surrounding mountains and deserts. There are several natural ski resorts in the city's suburbs for outdoor enthusiasts and skiing fans. You are filled with amusement as skiing while you enjoy the white scenery dashing through.

Paradise for Food Lovers

Pilaf, shish kebabs, and latiaozi are mouth-watering and blurted out as people mention Xinjiang. However, in Urumqi, smart Uyghur restaurant owners keep developing new dishes such as Naren, Meisitewa, Xiweigu, and Yaerma used to be eaten by Uyghur people in the past time but now for banquets. It is surprising and delightful to see inventions.

Top Urumqi Attractions

Xinjiang International Grand BazaarUrumqi International Grand Bazaar.jpg

The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar is a popular tourist destination in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China. It is a vibrant and bustling market that showcases the rich culture and traditions of the region. The bazaar features a wide variety of stalls selling local handicrafts, textiles, spices, and traditional Uyghur food. Visitors can explore the maze-like alleyways, interact with local vendors, and experience the lively atmosphere of the market. The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar is a great place to shop for souvenirs, sample authentic Uyghur cuisine, and immerse yourself in the unique sights and sounds of Xinjiang's vibrant culture.

Heavenly LakeHeavenly Lake.jpg

97 kilometers east of Urumqi, located on the hillside of Bogda Peak and with an altitude of 1980 meters, this place is surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the south and dense fir and spruce forests in the west. It's a great location for outdoor activities such as boating on the lake and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Nanshan Mountain Scenic SpotsNanshan Mountain.jpg

60km around to the city center, covers an area of 120km2, and features exquisite scenery including splendid snow mountain, vast grassland, verdant forest sea, flying waterfall, clear stream, besides that, the colorful meadows with beautiful butterflies flying around and the unique Kazakh ethnic culture add more charm to this land. The cool temperature, fresh air, and lovely scenery all make Nanshan Pasture the closest travel resort to Urumqi.

Red HillRed Hill.jpg

Situated on the east bank of the Urumqi River, the Red Hill gets its name from the ochre sandstone of its body. The mountain has an elevation of 910 meters and is believed to resemble a giant dragonfly from the Heavenly Lake by Bogda Peak. Conversely, the Yamalik Mountain on the west bank of Urumqi River is believed to be the avatar of a demon. According to local beliefs, if these two mountains were to meet, Urumqi would be transformed into a place of vast sea.

People's ParkPeople's Park.jpg

People's Park in Urumqi is a popular urban park located in the heart of the city, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park is a favorite spot among locals and tourists alike, providing a serene environment for relaxation, leisure activities, and social gatherings.

The Bogda PeakBogda Peak.jpg

Bogda Peak, also known as Bogda Feng or Bogda Mountain, is the highest peak in the Bogda Shan range of the Tian Shan Mountains, located near Urumqi in Xinjiang, China. The peak stands at an elevation of 5,445 meters (17,864 feet) above sea level and is a popular destination for mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Xinjiang MuseumXinjiang Museum.jpg

The Xinjiang Museum, located in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, is a prominent cultural institution that showcases the rich history, culture, and heritage of the Xinjiang region. The museum features a diverse collection of artifacts, exhibits, and displays that highlight the unique blend of cultures and traditions that have shaped Xinjiang over the centuries.

The Modern Glaciers in Daxigou ValleyDaxigou .jpg

The Modern Glaciers in Daxigou Valley are a fascinating natural wonder located near Urumqi in Xinjiang, China. Daxigou Valley is known for its unique geological formations and stunning landscapes, including modern glaciers that have formed in the area.

Best time to Urumqi

The best time to visit Urumqi is during the late spring and summer months, from May to September

From May to September in Urumqi, you can expect daytime temperatures ranging from around 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F). However, evenings can be cooler, dropping to around 10°C (50°F) or lower.

In addition, Urumqi experiences a significant temperature difference between day and night, so  It’s best to pack a mix of light, breathable clothing for the daytime and warmer layers for the cooler evenings. Don’t forget sunscreen for protection against the sun, as Urumqi experiences low humidity.

If you're interested in winter sports like skiing, visiting Urumqi during the winter months from December to February can also be a great option.

In this time, the weather is usually cold, with temperatures ranging from around -10°C (14°F) to 0°C (32°F) during the day. Nights can be even colder, dropping to around -20°C (-4°F) or lower. It is important to pack warm winter clothing, such as heavy jackets, hats, gloves, and insulated boots, to stay comfortable in the chilly temperatures. Additionally, be prepared for occasional snowfall during this time.

Transportation in Urumqi

Urumqi is the traffic hub of Central Asia. It is quite convenient for tourists to take flights to arrive in. Urumqi Diwopu International Airport has direct flights to most of the inner cities of China as well.

So far, there are two railway stations in Urumqi. The new one is Urumqi Railway Station, built quite magnificent and modernized, providing express trains to go to inner cities. The other one is named Urumqi Railway South Station.

Urumqi has a well-developed public transportation system that includes busestaxis, and the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system. Buses are a convenient and affordable way to travel within the city and to nearby attractions.

Coach routes from Urumqi almost cover all cities, towns, and villages in Xinjiang. In short, public transportation in Urumqi is getting better and cleaner.

Urumqi also has a metro system with several lines connecting key areas of the city. The metro is a fast and efficient way to travel around Urumqi.

Taxis are readily available in Urumqi and can be hailed on the street or booked through ride-hailing apps. Taxis are a convenient option for getting around the city, especially for shorter distances.

Renting a car is another option for exploring Urumqi and the surrounding areas at your own pace. There are several car rental companies in the city.

Urumqi has a growing network of bike lanes and rental servicesmaking cycling a popular and eco-friendly way to get around the city.


Don't worry about finding a hotel in Urumqi. International chains like Sheraton and Hilton are available there. Even in Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot, you can find accommodations with great service and full facilities for tourists. It's quite exciting that tourists can choose to stay overnight in a Kazakh yurt to experience the ranch life of the locals in Nanshan Pasture. Travelers can also opt to stay in a youth hostel or other chain hotels.

Urumqi Maps you might need

Urumqi Traveling Map.jpg

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