The Memorial of Xinjiang Office of the Eighth Route army

Once a private residence, the memorial is located at Shenli Road, Urumqi. In 1938, it was used as the office of the CPC in Xinjiang, and Den Fa, Chen Tanqiu worked here then. Leaders of CPC, such as Zhou Enlai, Ren Bishi, resided here on their way to the Soviet Union. The office played a significant role in Propagandizing the CPC’s opinion of forming an united national battlefront to resist Japanese, spreading the CPC’s influence upon people of different nationalities in Xinjiang and linking the CPC international society. In 1942, Sheng Shicai, the nomarch of Xinjiang Province, throwed himself into the lap of Jiang Jieshi and began to persecute the CPC. Numbers of the members of the CPC were arrested or killed and the office of the CPC in Xinjiang had to be closed. In 1962, the office was repaired as a memorial and appointed as the cultural relics under the protection of the autonomous region.