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Tajikistan is the only country among the 5 Stans countries in central Asia that the main part of population is not Turkic people. Therefore, the custom and folklore of Tajikistan is different from the other 4 countries. The rugged mountains are the most significant character of Tajikistan, and over 90% of its territory is mountains and plateaus. That makes Tajikistan lose some advantages on industrialization and modernization, but leave it immeasurable natural resources and stunning scenery. The crystal-like lakes, clear streams, deep valley and friendly locals are the real highlights of Tajikistan. You can even find some relics of the former Soviet Union in Tajikistan and it is an excellent place to do this exploration. 

We promise you the best services in Tajikistan and you will enjoy your time by leisurely appreciating the wonderful scenery on the way and easily chatting with locals. Drive through Karasu Pass (or Kulma Pass) to enjoy the beauty of Pamir Plateau!

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