Narat Prairie in Xinyuan County

Narat is located at the important line of communications connecting Southern and Northern Xinjiang, the north part of Narat Grassland connects to Gongliu and Xinyuan County Town, and west part to Hejing County. East part comes from Aikendaban of northwest Hejing and west part reaches to Wulandaban. It is about 150 kilometers long and 3,000 - 4,500 meters above sea level. The northern slope faces the wind and yearly rainfall is 400 - 700mm. A large stretch of wild apple trees have been found in Xinyuan County at the 1500-2,000 above sea level. It was listed as a nature reserve. The No. 218 National Highway runs across the Tianshan Mountains, along the north part of Narat grassland. Furthermore, Narat Grassland boasts sub-alpine belt, and it has been a famous pasture land ever since the ancient times, and there are wide river valley, high mountains, the crisscrossed deep gores, the flourishing forest and open grassland. It is crowned as "air pasture" and "garden highway".


Best Time to Visit Narat

Prairie is as beautiful as in a poem or a picture. There are springs densely distributed here. Every year, from May to September, with flowers all blossoming out here and numerous herds gathering around, a great number of tourists domestic and abroad are attracted here. The Narat Prairie is also called “Deer Garden" in history and an ideal place for people of the pasture to exchange materials and hold cultural activities.


Travel to Narat in Winter

What souvenir would you bring home while you travel someplace? I would suggest you to have a winter trip at Naraty Grassland. Have you ever experienced that sunshine shines on your body when you walking on the grassland with the cold wind. The sunshine could straight warm your heart and never forget the scenery at the moment.Winter in Naraty could escape you from busy life in city.When you see the snow falling from the sky,you will find your peace. When you see grasses and trees covered by snow,the whole world is white, you will find your comfort and silence.

In the winter of Naraty, you would never feel boring. Except kind hospitality of local people. You could also have a chance to watch the horse racing and sheep snatching game. Besides,if you like skiing,the international ski resort would be the best choice.

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  • Scenery of the Narat Prairie in Xinyuan County
  • Scenery of the Narat Prairie in Xinyuan County
  • Scenery of the Narat Prairie in Xinyuan County
  • Scenery of the Narat Prairie