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North Xinjiang Tours

North Xinjiang Tours are designed for travelers interested in picturesque Northern Xinjiang. Spend Your Xinjiang Vacation visiting Kanas Lake, Narati Grassland, Duku Highway...
  • 11 Days Northern Xinjiang Tour: Keketuohai, Kanas Lake, Hemu Village with Turpan AdventureUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi - Fuyun - Burqin - Kanas - Hemu - Karamy - Shihezi - Turpan
    Tour type: Adventure,Landscape,Photography
    Northern Xinjiang Tour: Keketuohai, Kanas Lake, Hemu Village with Turpan Adventure. Enjoy the natural wonders of majestic mountain and vast grassland. Experience the nomadic life of local Kazakhs. Xinjiang China Travel Promise you the Best Holiday.

  • 12 Days North Xinjiang Travel with Kuqa via Duku HighwayUSD$1550+

    Destinations: Urumqi ,Burqin,Kanas,
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Handcraft
    12 Days North Xinjiang Travel with Kuqa via Duku Highway will take you to visit the Great Grassland, the maginificent scenery in the middle of Tianshan Mountain. Experience Xinjiang Folklore of Kuqa and Fireland of Turpan

  • 5 Days Urumqi and Turpan TourUSD$490+

    Destinations: Urumqi-Heavenly Lake-Turpan-Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Folklore,Handcraft,Photography
    Urumqi and Turpan Tour, Enjoy the free shopping in the Grand Bazaar, overnight in the local Kazakhs Yurt in Heavenly lake. Adventure to the Kumtag Desert where you can experience the camel riding as Silk Road Caraven.Taste the authentic Xinjiang Flavor in the local Uighur family.

  • 11 Days Northern Xinjiang Tour to Kanas and YiliUSD$1650+

    Destinations: Urumqi-Heavenly Lake-Burqin-Kanas-Hemu-Karamay-Sayram Lake-Naraty-Bayinbuluk-Korla-Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape,Photography
    11 Days Northern Xinjiang Tour to the unparalleled beauty of Kanas Natural park and the Grassland in Yili which is bording with Kazakhstan.Fairyland-Kanas Lake Nature Reserve.A piece of emerald in the grassland-Sayram Lake.Amazing experience-driving in the deep of Tianshan Mountain.Northern Xinjiang must be a lifetime journey to you.

  • 7 Days Kanas and Hemu AdventureUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi - Fuyun - Keketuohai - Burqin - Jiadengyu - Kanas - Jiadengyu - Hemu- Burqin
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Landscape,Photography
    Kanas and Hemu tour starts from Urumqi. Our Professional guided trekking to Kanas, enjoy the very best landscape. This is a Tour you can take any time for its multiple sceneries style.

  • 13 Days North Xinjiang Tour to Ili PasturelandUSD$0+

    Tour type: Culture,History,Photography
    North Xinjiang Tour to Ili Pastureland of Narat, Kalajun and Bayinbuluk where are the wild natural wonders in China. You will not only enjoy the vast grassland, but also experience the nomadic life of local Kazakhs in modern Times. Xinjiang China Travel Promise you the great Holiday.

  • 13 Days North Xinjiang Tour: Kanas Lake, Sayram Lake, Narat and Bayinbuluk GrasslandUSD$1796+

    Destinations: Urumqi - Fuyun - Burqin - Kanas - Karamay - Sarym Lake - Naraty pastureland - Bayinbuluk - Korler - Turpan - Heavenly Lake
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape
    Enjoy 13 Days North Xinjiang Tour Packages. You can visit along the north part of Xinjiang Province, including Kanas Lake, Swan Lake and more popular attractions. Call: +86 13565834056.

  • 10 days Hami & Balikun Photography TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi → five-colored (Yardan Landform) → Mulei Diversiform-leaved Poplar Forest → Hami → Kumtag Desert → Tuyoq village → Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape
    Xinjiang Tour: Hami and Balikun. Experience the vast grassland in Balikun and eastern Xinjiang Hami. You will also visit the famous trading post of Turpan to experience the profound history and culture ancient Silk Road.

  • 6 Days Kashgar Photograhy & folklore TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Kashgar
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Photography
    A bazaar in Xinjiang is more than just a place to buy things. It offers locals a place to enjoy the flavour of festival,to have a rest and to meet with friends. driving along the Karaom highway to taste the amazing Pamir Platue.Kashgar- the place you can not miss when you come to Xinjiang