The Geographic Center of Asia

As the the equilibrium points in the Asian continent, it is the best place where you can see the Bogda Ice Peak in the east, Tianshan Mountains in the south, Toutun River in the West and Junggar Basin in the north.

Introduction of Geographic Center of Asia in Urumqi

In 1992, xinjiang institute of geography, Chinese academy of sciences with a number of experts from World Geographic Society used Bonne Map Projection of Asia as the benchmark. Then with  modern scientific technologies and equipment, they successfully measure the center of the equilibrium position in the Asian continent. The coordinate is longitude 87 e.19 '52", latitude 43~40' 37 ",a small village called “Baojiacaozi” in Yongfeng township, 30 kilometers southwest of Urumqi.

亚心.jpg   The center of Asia Continent - 副本.jpg


What to visit?

Once entering the main gate, the 20-metres-high net frame structure which looks like an eagle spreading wings is the first thing comes into view. On both sides of the Asia center road are several glass fiber sculptures, which are originated from the folk stories and traditional cultures of different Asian countries. It symbolizes the spirit of each nation and displays the cultural essence of the people from all Asian countries.

The Structure of the Centre of Asia Continent:

At the end of the road is a square, shaped in round and square which represent the sky and earth in accient China, with a tower as the center. The Asian center tower, nearly 20 meters high, takes the shape of "A" from Asia. On the top of the tower is a hollow ball with a diameter of 2.5 meters, which symbolizes the earth.The square is surrounded by a group of exquisite stone carvings, which express the general situation of all Asian countries including maps, profiles, totems, national flags and other contents of various countries.

Other information about the centre of Asia Continent:

The centre of Asia Continent, with its special geographical position, geopolitics, culture and diplomatic strategy, brings Urumqi a passport to the whole country and the world. Urumqi is no longer a marginal city, but the heart of Asia.