Kashgar Old Town

Kashgar Old Town is an ancient city, located in downtown Kashgar, the old town covers an area of 4.25 square kilometres. and in walking the streets of its Old Town, will provide a sense of what this legendary Central Asian hub was like in the days when the Silk Road was at its zenith.

It is a unique maze city with over 200 narrow alleys. If you get lost, the hexagonal bricks under your feet will lead you out of the old town. But if you walk along with the bricks with four corners, you will walk into a blind alley.

Most of the buildings here are a combination of Islamic and Uygur styles. The houses in the core area are the world's largest adobe complexes.

Mosque's minarets rise up from behind the bazaar, stalls on the footpaths sell food, carpets are hung outside houses, Uygurs live and work in the streets their forefathers once called home. Their children still play in the narrow alleyways. This is what keeps Kashgar alive!

Tourists can get a lot of information from the doors of the local houses. If two doors are open, it represents that the male host is at home. If only one door is open, it means only the hostess is at home. And if a curtain is hung over the front door, it means a guest is visiting this family now.

500-year old remnants of the city wall, narrow lanes and colorful muti-ethnic crowds combine to make Kashgar' historic district a highlight of any visit to the city.


Entrance fee: 45 RMB

Transportation: Buses No. 2, 7, 22 and 28

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