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There is a saying goes, "You don't know how big China is until you get to Xinjiang".

Xinjiang has a territory of 1.6 million square kilometers. There are towering snow mountains, clear blue lakes, lush oases, vast grasslands, vast Gobi desert, vast deserts, and ancient silk road. Everything here is full of unique charm. The vast land, beautiful scenery, beautiful legend, long history are all haunting.

Except for its natural beauty, Xinjiang is also famous for its civilization. The mysterious old town of Loulan is located in Xinjiang, which is also the heart of the ancient silk road. Xinjiang is the intersection of the world's four ancient civilizations. in ancient times, it has the largest international city in the western regions——Gaochang ancient city, the most complete preserved ancient city in the world——the ruins of Jiaohe, as well as the ruins of the Beiting city of, the capital of the prefecture in the Tang dynasty. In addition, the Kizil grottoes, Kizil gah beacon and subashi Buddhist temple with exquisite murals have been added to the world cultural heritage list.


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 Best time to take Xinjiang Overland Tours

Geographically, Xinjiang can be divided into two parts ,Northern Xinjiang and Southern Xinjiang.

Best time to the North: 

Every April to October is the best time to travel to Xinjiang. Among them, the spring in Xinjiang is quite short, from Mid-March to May. Because of the invasion of the cold weather, usually with the strong gale. The average temperature of this season is between 10 and 22 degrees Celsius. So it is the best time to look at the green foliage around the trees.

In Tianshan Mountain, especially in spring, when the snow just melted the small sprout grow with full energy. The blue sky, white clouds, and green grass make visitors feel cozy and exciting.

Xinjiang Ili is the largest area of lavender grown in China. With the beautiful landscape, vast and sparsely populated, snow mountains under the blue sky and white clouds, set off the purple lavender fields, such magnificent earth, the integration of heaven and earth, which is different from the other pastoral farmhouse.

Huocheng county is located in the northwest of Xinjiang, the western part of Tianshan Mountain, and the northwest of Yili valley.

Every June, the lavender fields of the Ili Valley, when violet flowers sway like waves in the wind, the refreshing fragrance of flowers in the wind seems to tell the harvesters that it is another year of lavender harvest.

From June to August, this time is considered to be the peak tourist season and hottest season in Xinjiang, with an average temperature that is over 22 degree Celsius, therefore, in this season, you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape and explore the local customs and practices here. In this time we recommended you to visit Naraty Grassland and Kanas

Naraty Grassland is located in Ili, it is one of the most attractive grasslands in the world. Naraty always knows how to attract more visitors to come here and will not let them leave immediately. According to Turks, Naraty means the first place to see the sun. The water from the surrounding large rivers provides the meadows to be always fresh in the summer.

Every September to October is the most comfortable and the best time to enjoy the magnificent landscape, the temperature range from 10 to 22 Degree Celsius, thus cool weather has made the tourists come here to enjoy the warm atmosphere of this place. In this time we recommended you to visit Urumqi, Kanas and Tianchi.

Visiting Urumqi will be the best choice when you travel to Xinjiang in Autumn. Urumqi is the largest city in the northwest of China. Also, it is an important stop along the Silk Road leading to Europe.

In winter, everything in Northern Xinjiang has turned into a world of ice and snow, a magnificent snowfield, a glittering birch forest haze, a snow-covered ice lake, and you can also experience the wonderful snow bergs such as Tianshan Mountain and Kanas, etc.

Kanas is famous for the beautiful scenery of Kanas Lake and its surrounding snow mountains, grasslands and birch forests. It is known as "Eastern Switzerland, and a paradise for photographer".

Best time to the South: 

Every May, June and October is the best time to travel to Southern Xinjiang. Every May to October is the best time to travel in Aksu. Aksu is a temperate continental climate and it is one of the regions with more solar radiation in China. It has abundant solar and thermal resources, the large temperature difference between day and night, the annual average temperature is 9.9 to 11.5 Degree Celsius, and annual precipitation is 42.4 to 94.4 mm, and It has the Climate Characteristics of dry and cold winter and dry and hot summer.

In summer, with intense light and ultraviolet radiation, even if you wear sunscreen, you'll get a tan. When you travel in winter, Aksu's snowscape will surprise you, however, the dry and cold weather is not generally adaptable.

Kuqa formerly known as Qiuci was an ancient Buddhist kingdom located on the Branch of the Silk Road that ran along the northern edge of the Taklamakan Desert in the Tarim Basin and south of Muzat River. The area lies in the present-day Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, China.

From June to October is the best time to travel to Kuqa. Kuqa County is situated in the warm zone, dry climate, less precipitation, hot summer, dry and cold in winter, annual temperature and sunshine are different, so it belongs to the warm zone continental arid climate. Due to the complexity of the landform, there are obvious regional climate differences.

Kuqa Grand Canyon is composed of reddish-brown mountain groups, natives call it ‘Kizilia'. The canyon runs north to south, its total length of more than 5,000 metres. It is a rare natural wonder in China, which is formed by wind and rain erosion plus torrential flood erosion.

Every June to October is the best time to travel to Kashgar, at this time, the climate is mild, the fragrance of melons and fruits, which is quite suitable for sightseeing and vacation. Karakul Lake is also the most beautiful lake in this season, suitable for hiking.

Karakul lake is locating in the Pamir Plateau, is one of the top 10 largest meteorite pools in the world and an attractive destination for Xinjiang tourism, the lake is famous for its fanciful landscape and clear waters.

Khunjerab Pass is the highest port in the world, where there is a boundary marker of China. Because of the bad weather, it is only open from May to October every year.

Besides, during the two major Islamic festivals, Eid al-Fitr and the Corban Festival (10 December), there will be a grand pilgrimage at the Id Kah Mosque, when thousands of Muslims will gather in the square outside the mosque to worship and hold a series of celebrations. 

Autumn is the ripening season of melons and fruits, every August and September, there will be a "Korla Bergamot Pear Festival", which is the best time to visit Korla. while if you would like to enjoy the swans in Swan Lake and the traditional activities of Xinjiang Minorities in Bayinbrook Grassland, you'd better come to Korla in April and July.

Every year around April, the swans, gooses and other rare birds will fly back from the south to multiply and thrive. In the sunlight, swans, lakes, mountains, clouds and shadows merge into a very spectacular scene, Bird-watching terraces are built for visitors to climb and watch birds.

Every July, the annual Nadam Fair will hold in Bayinbuluk. Thousands of people will gather here to hold different activities such as singing and dancing, wrestling, horse racing and archery, etc.

Tips: the Temperature in Southern Xinjiang could be quite hot ,reaching 42℃, in summer time (July and August), this is the reason why we don't recommend tourists to have a trip during that time.


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