Flight to Xinjiang, Xinjiang Airports

Urumqi Diwopu International Airport is one of the largest airports in China, and it is a China's gateway to Central Asia, West Asia and Eurasia. Direct flights are available and convenient for tourists from Russia, Kazakstan and many European countries, etc. If direct flight is not available, global tourists could transfer in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian and so on, the flight to Xinjiang is available in most major cities in China.

The cost of flights to Xinjiang is probably higher than the rest of China, because of the far distance and huge demands.So it's always better to book air tickets in advance.


Popular Flights to Xinjiang

Now, it is convenient for tourists from all over the world to enjoy a Xinjiang tour by air from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions China and many other countries. Here are the popular gateway cities that offer flights to Urumqi, Xinjiang. You can find flights with updated flight schedule to Urumqi and detailed guide about how to get to the local airport.


Major Airports in Xinjiang


Urumqi diwobao international airport

Urumqi diwobao international airport is located in northwest of urumqi, capital of xinjiang uygur autonomous region. Together with kunming changshui international airport, it is listed as one of China's two major national gateway hub airports and China's eight regional hub airports.

Altay airport

Altay airport was built in 1956. It is located in the southwest of altay city, 10 kilometers from the city center with an airfield rated 3C. China southern airlines company carries out urumqi-altay flights, 7 flights a week.

 Hotan airport

Hotan airport is a military and civilian airfield located in hotan suburb, about 11km away from the downtown. Except on weekends, there are flights to Urumqi. With Urumqi as the transit, tourists can go to all the major cities in China.

 Hami airport

Hami was one of the first cities in xinjiang to set up an airport for passengers. The airport there is a joint military and civilian airport.

 Kashgar airport

The airport is located in kashgar city, 10 kilometers from the center of kashgar city. It is a 4E civil transportation airport and the second largest airport in xinjiang.

 Karamay airport

Karamay airport successfully launched its maiden flight on April 10, 2006. In addition to passenger aircraft, there are other small short-haul aircrafts, including detection aircraft for oil exploration, agricultural aircraft aimed at operating in large agricultural development zones, and training aircraft from an aviation academy.

 Yining airport

Located in five kilometers north of yining city, the airport covers an area of 299 hectares.After the  first built in 1936, the airport has been reconstructed and enhanced for six times.

 Kanas airport

Kanas airport is located in the south of kanas scenic spot, about 50 kilometers from kanas lake. The airport opens in early June and ends its suspension in mid-october. It opens for four months per year.