What to Pack for your Xinjiang Tour

As one of the westernmost travel destinations along the Silk Road, deciding what to pack is quite significant, especially when you decide to travel to the largest region in China. 


Xinjiang typically experiences comfortable temperatures and fresh air, so there's no need to worry about unbearably bad weather. Therefore, it's best not to overpack and to adhere to the airline's luggage weight limits.

What to pack for your Xinjiang Tour?

Just follow our ultimate packing list below to make sure you prepare the must-have things in advance and ensure you have a worry-free tour in Xinjiang.

Tips: Normally, you are allowed to carry one bag with a baggage allowance of no more than 20 kilogram/44 pounds and two carry-on bags each weighing up to 5 kilogram/ 11 pounds for the airlines in China.

1. The Basic Packing Items/ Must-have Items for a Xinjiang Tour:


Passport and Chinese Visa: Never forget your original passport and Chinese Visa. Besides, firmly recommend backing up your passport and visa in digital forms or printing more copies for some emergency uses.

Bank Cards and Cash

Cash can be withdrawn everywhere in Xinjiang, but it's better to prepare some in advance.

Clothing, Shoes and Bags

T-shirts: 3-4 short sleeves and long sleeves to cope with the daily changing temperature;

Sweaters: 2-3 sweaters are recommended, for layers of them can be much warmer and easy to be taken off when the temperature bounces back to a higher level (For staying overnight outdoors at a comparatively higher elevation, make one of them thick);  

Thick down jacket or insulated jacket: A down jacket or an insulated jacket is indispensable when you take a winter tour during November, December, January, and February.

Underclothing: Preparing 4-5 quick-dry and breathable underclothing makes your tour much more comfortable;

Sports footwear or climbing shoes: A comfortable and durable pair of sports shoes can do the trick on most occasions. Besides, comfortable climbing shoes with suitable sizes for your feet are also recommended if you plan to take a trek tour or travel to some remote areas.

Breathable socks: Prepare 4-5 pairs of socks to make your feet more comfortable while walking.

One backpack and no more than two small bags: Choose a high-quality comfortable backpack with a total capacity of no more than 50L. Meanwhile, you can fill the smaller ones with digital devices including your notebook and camera;

Personal Hygiene

Toiletries:Wet wipes, deodorant, and hand sanitizer (most hotels provide soap) are essential items to pack.

Photo Gears

Camera, video camera, or phone: Don't forget to put a camera into your bag and document the stunning beauty of Xinjiang

Don't forget to pack a camera, video camera, or phone to capture the stunning beauty of Xinjiang and your happy moments.

2. What are Our Recommended Items for a Xinjiang Tour:

Moisture and sunscreen: Due to the intense sunshine and dry weather in some areas of Xinjiang, moisture and sunscreen can effectively keep you from UV radiation and the sunburnt.

Sunhat and sunglasses: No matter what kind of tour you take, Sunhat and sunglasses are the necessary items to keep you from sunburnt.

Tripod: To get a satisfactory photo or shoot a starry night, you need to prepare a light but steady tripod that can be fixed firmly.

Standby batteries: Ensure the constant power supply for your digital equipment;

Camera memory cards: An extra memory card leaves you much room for documenting Xinjiang sceneries.

Phone international roaming service: Get your phone international roaming enabled if necessary. If you want to share anything about your tour in Tibet simultaneously with your family or friends, you are recommended to do so. (Wifi is available in most accommodations)

Snacks: Pack some snacks or buy some local snack foods or fruits on the way to make your journey more enjoyable.


In conclusion, traveling lighter will enhance your journey. Here are our packing suggestions for traveling to Xinjiang: 

1. Make sure your luggage does not exceed the baggage weight limit set by the airlines. The official baggage allowance is 20 kilograms/44 pounds with two carry-on bags, each weighing up to 5 kilograms/11 pounds. 

2. Essential packing items include copies of your passport, Chinese visa, and other necessary documents.  

3. Recommended items for your trip to Xinjiang are:    

 - Moisturizer and sunscreen    

- Sunhat and sunglasses   

- Tripod    

- Extra batteries   

- Camera memory cards    

- International roaming service for your phone    

- Necessary medications  

If you have further questions about what to pack for your trip to Xinjiang, feel free to ask for more detailed information.