Xinjiang Weather in August,Tips for Traveling Xinjiang

As one of the mysterious regions in China, Xinjiang is the homeland of unique cultural highlights and the most exciting places in Asia. The climate of Xinjiang belongs to the continental, which means it has changeable weather, crisp and arid air, long sunshine duration and powerful UV light, distinct temperature change between day and night.

When is the best time to visit Xinjiang?

To our travelers, nothing matters more than visiting Xinjiang with pleasant weather. Well, for enjoying the best view and all kinds of outdoor sports in Xinjiang, April to early June, and Sept. to Oct. are widely believed to be the best time to visit Xinjiang.

To help you time your visit at the right time, we show you a year-round guide to Xinjiang weather and climate and the panorama of Xinjiang weather in the highly popular tourist destinations and thematic tours in different seasons. Check the detailed guide below and get inspired for your perfect time for the visit.


Mid-March to May:

Among them, the spring in Xinjiang is quite short, from Mid-March to May. Because of the invasion of the cold weather, usually with strong gale. The average temperature of this season is between 10 and 22 degrees Celsius. So it is the best time to look at the green foliage around the trees.

In Tianshan Mountain, especially in spring, when the snow just melted the small sprout grow with full energy. The blue sky,white clouds, and green grass makes visitors feel cozy and exciting.

June to August:

From June to August, this time is considered to be the peak tourist season and hottest season in Xinjiang, with an average temperature that is over 22 degree Celsius, therefore, in this season, you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape and explore the local customs and practices here. In this time we recommended you to visit Kashgar, Naraty Grassland and Kanas Lake with Hemu Village


Visiting Urumqi will be the best choice when you travel to Xinjiang in Autumn. Urumqi is the largest city in north west of China. In addition it is an important stop along the Silk Road leading to Europe.


Winter- Winter Tours in Xinjiang

In winter, everything in Northern of Xinjiang has turned into a world of ice and snow, a magnificent snowfield, a glittering birch forest haze, a snow-covered ice lake, and you can also experience the wonderful snow bergs such as Tianshan Mountain and Kanas etc.

Most Classic Xinjiang Small Group Tour Packages

Wanna gain the quintessential experience of massive Xinjiang? No problem! We handpick the most classic Xinjiang small group tours for you. For both first-timers to Xinjiang and the frequenter of Xinjiang, the massive Xinjiang still has something surprising for your discovery.

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