The Characteristics of Nature,Tianshan Mountain

Posted: May 27th 2017


The nature of Xinjiang is far different from that of southern China, and it is totally different from most of the northern regions. This is not an unnecessary complement. It helps us perfect our understandings of nature.

Overlooking the scenery of Xinjiang, mystery arises spontaneously, while lure flows out continuously , and it is hard to control our desire as the vision tries to escape from our eyes, and the eagerness becomes so severe that our arms long to become a pair of wings. Feeling disappointed that we cna not fully enjoy these desires, we are still unwilling to leave.

The mysterious Xinjiang benefits from its far away and isolated position, but the enchantment lies in its uniqueness and distinctness. Faraway is not only a kind of place-choice, but also a kind of saving value. The distance produces gravitation, and also stirs up pleasant impressions.

The nature of Xinjiang, regardless of its outward appearance or inner content, is so abundant that a monograph may not cover all of it. So , let's take the mountains as examples and take a glance.

Tianshan Mountain is the landmark of Xinjiang, which lies in the central part of Xinjiang and extends over 1,000 kilometers from the east to the south, with most of its altitude ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 meters. The above 4,000 meters altitude places are covered with snow all the year round; most of the 2,000 meters altitudinal districts are covered with forest; following the forest is the grassland ; the wastelands are located below the grassland; continuing downwards is plain oasis. The borders between snow mountain , forest, grassland, wasteland and oasis are definite, and they are well-ordered. The structure of the vertically-altitudinal belts make the mountain look brief and direct, and full of profundity, adding a three-dimensional effect. The character of the mountain also influences the villagers who live in this mountain area. 

The hunters hunt in the forest , the shepherds herd on the veldt, the farmers cultivate in the oasis, and the businessmen come and go between them. The hunters are good at playing musical instruments, the shepherds like singing, the farmers prefer dancing, and the businessmen enjoy talking . As for the citizens who live by the river, they know everything, and they can do everything.

Life and thinking-originally can be so simple, relaxed and meaningful!