Xinjiang is A Place with Only Two Seasons

Posted: May 22nd 2017


Xinjiang is unique. The law of “four seasons in a year” doesn't apply here.

In Xinjiang there is only winter and summer, no spring and autumn.

But in April and October, there are some days with some small traces of these two missing seasons, when people can see the blossom of grass, the burgeoning of the trees, or the yellowing of leaves ready for the cold winter. However, the traces are so vague as to have disappeared before you had time to consider them. At the end of the winter, the trees are miraculously covered with dense green leaves as if having happened overnight. At the end of the summer, after the first gush of cold wind, all the leaves will drop, to be buried under the early snow.

So , only summer and winter are harsh enough here to battle against each other. The current result is a 7-month summer and a 5-month winter.

Spring and autumn, the two much-loved-and-sung-of seasons elsewhere, are greatly marginalized and neglected in Xinjiang culture.

The two-season year has its unique rhythm and besuty. And it provides enough time during each season for people to appreciate its charms.

Summer is warm, colorful, wonderful and energetic, while winter is moist, pure, tranquil and romantic.

Xinjiang in summer is a stage for everything to show its liveliness.

In Xinjiang, all the farmers' work is done in summer-furrowing the ground, seeding, uprooting weeds, irrigating and harvesting.xinjiang.png

xinjiang.jpgBut Xinjiang's winter is like an incubator.

Winter officially comes after the first snowfall. The lands are covered in white - snow or ice. Trees drop all their leaves. The earth in the field is all frozen up. Grasslands take off their green gown, and put on a sliver winter suit. Water stops flowing in the lakes and rivers, where water sprays become ice flowers.

Everything seems to quieten down during winter. All the hustles and bustles have moved indoors from the streets, squares and countryside.

Farmers take the whole winter as a long vacation. They visit friends, repair tools, hold weddings,etc. The celebration of spring festival can last as long as a month.

And the long winter indoors is not only a good time to practice cooking skills , but also a wonderful opportunity to communicate with other people. Frenquent and deep talks often lead to tightened ties between family members, as well as the sweet seed of love burgeoning in two people's hearts.

At least, if you feel exhausted, the winter can be a marvelous time to take a nap.