The Charms of Singing and Dancing

Posted: April 07th 2017

Singing and dancing is what Xinjiang people like and what they are good for. For them, singing and dancing is not just stage art, but a part of their daily lives.


Singing and dancing can also be relaxing on a party of friends or folks. It is a wonderful way to spend the hours at dusk playing hand drums, producing intoxicating music, and singing and dancing to the joyful vibes.

Singing and dancing is a way to express one's feelings. A romantic song or a hot dance is often the shortcut to a lover's heart.

In this place, singing and dancing has become a daily routine, an indispensable part of life. It's said that Xinjing people's hearts pulse to the tempo. A Xinjiang without songs and dances would have been a dull place.


The Xingjiang-style singing and dancing is so outstanding and so famous that people are thrilled wherever they see the performance of a Xinjiang troupe.


You can take some time visiting elderly folk singer, who will sing epics and folktales to you. You also can join the hilarious groups of dancers and singers sharing their joy.

Go to Xinjiang. Drown yourself in magnificent singing and dancing.