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Bogoda Trekking

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Destinations: Bogoda

Tour type: Adventure,Landscape,Photography

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Highlights: Bogoda Peak Located in the eastern Tianshan Mountains, the highest sea level is 5445 meters. Along an elevation of 2100 m -3700 m walk the whole distance of 55KM, starting point at 2100m above sea level, the highest elevation of 3700 meters, at the end of the trekking is sea level is 1930m by the side of Heavenly lake. This line is from south to north across the Tianshan Mountains to dabancheng three mountains to the Beverly Tianchi is across the line.

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Day 01 Bogoda

After breakfast meet our guide at the hotel at 09:00 am and head to the start point of trekking around 12:00. Trekking 4kms to No 2 site with the sea level of 2540. End of the driveway is three chagou mouth. Mizoguchi Director of inhabited a family, the owner called Subchan is sent pipe member dabancheng town, passing Mizoguchi hikers inevitably come to his house to drink tea. Mizoguchi can enter the clouds of aspen forest in the riverbed upstream shuttle can also travel along the edge of the hill on the right, after traveling five kilometers to reach the No. 1 fold (Hint: One near the sheepfold complex snake when walking in the grass must be careful), after a sharp increase in the slope, the start into summer pastures, 6 km further upwards to reach the day's camp No-2 fold. 2500 m above sea level, there is a clear spring water and two simple yurt, there lived one or two Kazakh nomads. Night guest can go to the yurts.


Day 02 Bogoda

Get up around 9am and prepare belongs and start trekking to Bogoda camp, began to climb a long and dry small ravine, after more than an hour to reach the top of the ravine. Standing on top of the hill 3,000 meters above sea level, the distant snow-capped mountains towering Bogda, three bifurcated Yamaguchi seemed close at hand, three hillside overlooking the valley on both sides of the fork, cattle and sheep flocks. Animal husbandry across the road along gently sloping alpine meadow, began to climb three bifurcation Yamaguchi, raised by the movement of glaciers dam, to the high-altitude camp it brings more difficulties climbing three bifurcation Yamaguchi, the vertical height of 300 m, slope 60 degrees, this is a climbing route across the most difficult (Hint: when climbing three bifurcated Yamaguchi rate should be uniform to avoid exhaustion to remember that in high altitude camp to try to drink more water, reduce blood viscosity, to reduce the burden on the heart) You will arrive at the Bogoda camp around lunch time. Camping and enjoy the amazing Tiansh Mountain, you may find Snow lotus.


Day 03 Bogoda

Bogoda camping site visiting. Summer, Bogda Peak mountain stronghold near the pleasant scenery, white clouds, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, glacial lakes, snow lotus Hanbaoyufang pleasing (Hint: Tianshan snow lotus is the national protected plants must not arbitrarily picking).100 meters from the base camp approached to Bogda Peak on the last set foot on the North Slope huge fan glacier, instantly unfolded before a crystal white snow world. I saw a hundred cold road, along the glacial ice cliffs at low plunging down. Since the formation of ice and snow melt that ice river that cross resting on ice ditch ice bridge, the wonderful ice mushrooms, ice fountain spray radiance, color green bottomless ice well, really land from Guangguai, as if walking into the world of myth.In hard ice, frozen numerous moraines, such as large houses, weighing about to three hundred tons, small can be picked up with two fingers. These stones are when glaciers pushed down from the hills. In Bogda Bingfeng below, there are many different sizes of ice lake, the lake like a dolphin sapphire, set in the near Bogda waist. (Note: Only in the wizard collar can only play on the glacier, there is ice, cracks on the glacier, slide down once fatal, Japanese climbers Miss Whitewater is an example of that year).


Day 04 Bogoda

Get up around 8 am and leave for Heavenly lake at 9am, climb about 100m cross three Daban to the east valley, you will down the mountain to the north section of Tianshan that full of the plants from mountain to the forest.arrive Heavenly lake and enjoy the landscape. In the afternoon back to Urumqi.

Day 01 Bogoda
Day 02 Bogoda
Day 03 Bogoda
Day 04 Bogoda

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2,Excellent Guide service 

3,Travel Permit

4,One horseman with 2 horses

5,Entrance fee and shuttle bus in Heavenly lake 

6, facilities such as GPS, satellite phone, Rope,etc

7,A tent with Isolating matress 

8, Food (3breakfast, 4 lunches and 4 dinners. Bottled water snacks (chocolate, fruit, Biscuit)

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personal expenses,tips to the guide. Travel insurance

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