Siguniangshan travel FAQ

1. Which one is better, private group or join group?

Both private tour and join tour are okay. If you want to save money and time, you are suggested to attend the join tour.
2. Does the altitude there affect me a lot?

Mt. Siguniang belongs to the high altitude area, the altitude of Rilong is about 3200m, part of the people will have different reaction for the altitude sickness, you are suggested not to do violent exercises, drink more water, eat more vegetable and fruits. Prepare some common medicine such as vitamin E and antihistamine. The elder and weak consult the doctor before traveling to Mt. Siguniang, the people who have got high blood pressure, heart disease and coronary heart disease should be careful to travel in this area.
3. How about the weather and temperature at that area?

The daily temperature differnce is amazing, please bring enough clothes for the cold morning and night. The sunlight and ultraviolet are strong, sunglasses, a hat, and sunburning cream should be at hand.
4. Is it safe enough to ride horses there in the valleys?

Be careful when riding on the horse at the scenic spots, choose the suitable horse and saddle, follow the grooms instructions.
5. Which period is the best time for me to have the trip?

The best season for traveling falls in May, June, September and October. 
6. Can I stay in the vallleys?

Since all the hotels and restaurants are situated in Rilong town, you`d better bring a tent and some food with you if you have the willingness camping in the valleys.
7. Should I equip enough for this trip?

Be sure to have proper mountaineering water-proof boots as, otherwise, hiking might prove quite difficult. In summer sports wears are usually proved to be unnecessary, for other seasons, proper mountaineering equipment will play an important role during your traveling in the valleys.