Mt.Siguniangshan Worshipping Festival

The most important festival in Siguniangshan is the Mountain Worshipping Day, which occurs every May 4th of lunar year, when, according to the legend, the four pretty girls have become the mountain to protect villagers.

Usually, Local tibetan people are all in holiday dresses on the Mountain Worshipping Day. They take oil butter, Zanba, Qingke barley liquor and other food to Chaoshan Ground to worship the Mt.Siguniang. At the same time, hundreds of Lamas gather together, meditate in the pilgrim place and chant with a respected old Lama. After that, they begin to have a walk around the Chaoshan Ground, followed by the devout local Tibetans. They all have the same desire, that is praying the God of Mt. Siguniang for peace life and bumper harvest. When the religious activity come to an end, the old Lama will sit on the throne and begin to bless the pilgrims. Happy Gongzhuang dance and other ethnic sports, such as horse-racing,wrestling,etc. will also be held on the day.

Besides, another indispensable part on the Mountain Worshipping Day is burning Sangyan. 'Sang' in Tibetan language means 'purity'. Sangyan, the pure smoke, is also called 'smoke perfume'. On the auspicious day, villages are filled with strong perfumed smoke that is lingering in the air and rolling high up.