Local Traditional Food in Siguniangshan

Zanba (Tsam-pa ): It is a kind of flour made from roasted barley and is nutritious. Tsampa is quite simple to prepare: Leave a little buttered tea in the bowl, and put Tsampa into it. Then stir them until you can shape them into a large dumplinglike object.

Butter Tea: One of the most typical drinking in Siguniangshan. It is made from a mix of the yak butter and the Horse Tea (Ya Tea). Butter tea is nutritious with high protein and many kinds of AA. It can be used to stimulate one's appetite, refresh oneself,etc.

Yaks' Milk: It is an ingredient of the butter tea. Yaks' milk is a kind of pure natural green food with many kinds of Vitamins and minerals.

Yogurt: Yogurt is mentioned in the famous poem `the story of Gesar', and has been a Tibetan food for more than 1,000 years. It is a kind of popular food in summer in Siguniangshan.

Tibetan Butter: The Tibetan butter is home-made and can be further processed and refined into butter known elsewhere. Butter is used for food with `Tsamba', tea etc., or for the fuel of lamp. It is the main food in people's life of Siguniangshan.

Baked Potatos: Xiaojin county is abundant with potatos. Local people in Sighuniangshan prefer to put them in fire until well roasted.

Ya'an Tea (Yacha): Yacha tea Selected from large tealeaves. It is produced in Ya'an Prefecture, also called the 'Horse Tea' in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Tibetans eat lots of meals but few vegetables and fruits. The Ya'an Tea is a right drink to supplement for their vitamin deficiency, it is also an important component to prepare the buttered tea, for a strong and authentic flavor.