Echu Street - Daocheng Shopping Street

Echu Street, named from Mt.Echu, is lined with dozens of multicoloured, traditional houses and has been converted into a pedestrian shopping street in Daocheng. Tourists can purchase silver accessories ECHU street.jpgwith the strong tibetan style there. But most of them are fake, so you should keep your eyes peeled when you buy them. Besides, you can also find the pure Sangjizhuma Qingke Barley Liquor, butter oil food, dry meet and wild mashrooms sold in Echu Street.

If you are lucky enough, you will meet some local tibetan people in Echu Street, selling Saffron of Iridaceae, Snow Lotus, Chongcao, Songbei, Xuecha, Lingzhi and other rare medicinal materials, most of which are the real and with the low price.So do not miss the chance. 

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