Daocheng Yading Shopping

Yak Meat

Yak meat is one of the local main food for Tibetan people. It is rich in protein and has little fat inside. Besides of fresh yak meat, the local tibetans also air-dry the meats and then stew it with potatos or mushrooms, it is said that the yak meat soup is very good to keep people in health and warm up bodies. It is a very popular dish at Daocheng area. Nowadays, some yak meat factories has been built to produce dried yak meat in different flavor, the spicy taste, sweet and sour taste, salty taste and Multi-flavor taste.

Tibetan knives
Everyone knows what role knives play in daily life. In Tibet, however, knives have many roles:

Tools for daily life. 
Given natural conditions unique to Tibet, Tibetans eat meat, butter and zanba (roasted highland barley). To eat meat, they need knives. In some places, knives serve as plows and the locals still rely on the slash-and-burn method.

In 1904, when the British invaded Tibet, Tibetan soldiers fought with primitive rifles and long-handle waist knives.

Tibetan knives are adorned with handles made of bull horns, antelope horns, wood or metal. Knife sheaths are made of animal hides, bull horns, metal or wood and are adorned with the 'eight auspicious patterns' in gold, silver, copper and iron wire, swastikas, the auspicious pattern of dragon and phoenix, or are inlaid with corals, agates, peals peals and jade.