Eating while Travelling to Daocheng Yading

The food along the way to Daocheng and Yading nature reserve cannot match most people's demand since most of the cities visitors passing by are located at the plateau of west China underdeveloped area. In the cities like Ya'an,kangding etc, the food is ok but if we go deeper westward, the food choices get less and less and the taste of food gets worse and worse either. Only in some Sichuan cuisine restaurants run by the people from Chengu plain can visitors have a good meal. 

For the local Tibetan people around Litang and Daocheng, their daily food is very simple, some yak beet and Zanba(a kind of pancake) are washed down with milk tea. So, visitors especially foreign visitors are suggested to buy some solid food and instant solution drinks such as Coffee and Juice in Chengdu before you start the trip.