Zhaosu Travel Guide

Posted: October 30th 2019

Zhaosu County as the official romanized name, also transliterated from Todo Mongolian as Mongolküre County, is a county situated within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and is under the administration of the Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. It contains an area of 10,455 km². On the way, you can enjoy the scenery of Zhaosu Cole Flower, nearly a million acres of cole flower blossoms spread across the slopes, like a golden blanket. Here you can also visit the Xiata Grassland, here is a magical tourist attraction, beautiful grassland, snowy peaks will give you a unforgetable memory.


The county, which is known for its vast grassland and as the home of fine horses, is surrounded by mountains.Its average altitude is 2,018 meters. Because of its location, convective weather conditions often occur near the mountains on the northwest side of Zhaosu during its brief summer-from June to August - and often bring thunderstorms.A meteorological bureau in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region plans to issue rainbow forecasts to the public starting in June next year after it has found a way to predict the beautiful meteorological phenomenon in the area. The "rainbow hunters" of the bureau hope the new element of weather forecasting will add more color to people's lives.In Zhaosu, rainbows may appear as many as 20 times or more in July and normally happen around 9 pm. What's more, 90 percent of the rainbows are doubles - the result of high visibility. That's why the county calls itself the "land of the rainbows"

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