Xinjiang Travel to Heavenly Lake in Winter

Posted: January 14th 2019

Heavenly Lake Mountain, listed as World Natural Heritage Site, National AAAAA Class Tourist Spot, National Geopark, National Key Scenic Spot, National Civilized Scenic Spot, International and Natural Biosphere Reserve, China's Best Tourist Place, China's Top Ten Scenic Spots with Best Resource Protection Lake.The Tianchi Snow Festival was held on 17th Dec. Xinjiang Heavenly Lake Management Committee and several Xinjiang Travel agencies cooperated to promote the Tianchi Lake Winter Tours with the theme of "Our Tianshan Mountain, Our Snow-Ice Tour".

There are many upcoming activities to enrich the experience to heavenly lake in Winter season.

Such as Kazakh's Mutton Festival. Gobi Mother's Tour to Heavenly lake. Laba Festival which is The eighth day of the twelfth Lunar Month.All the tourists go to heavenly lake in winter season can get discount of the entrance fee and the possibilities to win the free hotel accommodation.heavenly-lake.jpgBelow are my suggestions for visiting Heavenly Lake in Winter.

When coming to Tianchi in winter, it is best to bring a thermos cup (both milk tea or hot tea or tea), prepare some snacks with you, wear beautiful (to keep warm), and walk around Tianchi for an hour on foot.

Note: A critical heat source such as warming a baby or a thermos is a must for Tianchi in winter. Because it is near the water, it is freezing when the wind is reliable, but as long as there is a heating source, it is enough to play crazy all day ~

After reaching the edge of Tianchi, there are walking paths to the left and right. It is recommended to go to the left (2km to the right will enter the wooden way with more trees. It is quite cold if there is no sunlight in winter, but there are snow and fallen leaves on the right, which are very enjoyable.

Walking on the left side, you will pass the ordinary wooden path. Magical Needle (actually an unusual elm tree) is by the side of Tianchi Lake.  It takes 2hours to walk to the bottom of the mountain while playing and taking pictures.  

I think the most beautiful scenery is all over here. In early November, the leaves have not fallen, and there is no cloud in the sky blue. You can see snowy mountains along the way, and my heart is clearing.