Plan Your Xinjiang Tour from Singapore

Posted: July 23rd 2023


How to travel to Xinjiang from Singapore after the pandemic?

 The continuously fluctuating conditions of COVID-19 pandemic had made it very hard for Singapore citizens to plan for a Xinjiang tour. However, it is getting much easier to travel to China after March, 2023.

 As the final operator in Xinjiang, we have got many inquiries about traveling from Singapore to Xinjiang this year and also have successfully organized some Singapore group tours.

 To better help you arrange your Xinjiang trip, below we answer some common questions on Xinjiang travel after reopening.

Q1: What's changed regarding visa policy?

A1: Singapore citizens were permitted 15-day visa-free visits according to the pre-pandemic arrangement. However, this policy has been suspended and not restored yet. Therefore, you will have to apply for a Chinese visa in advance. We advise you to apply for the Chinese visa as early as possible to avoid overcrowding.

Once you got your Chinese visa, there will be almost no obstacle to travel to Xinjiang.


Q2: What do I need to prepare before applying for a Chinese tourist visa?

A2: 1. You will need to make an appointment online after filling out a digital form at:

2. Take all the documents required to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center according to the appointment time.

3. For the L visa (tourist visa), you need to prepare the booking confirmations of a round-trip ticket between Singapore and China based on your traveling date as well as the hotels you will stay overnights. Or the invitation letter issued by a licensed and registered travel service company in China or relevant individuals.

4. It typically takes 4 to 5 working days to get the visa. You can also pay for the express service if it is urgent.


Q3: Are there any COVID-19 testing requirements to travel to China?

A3: As of 29th, April 2023, PCR (nucleic acid test) tests are no longer a requirement. You can take a home RAT (rapid antigen test) instead and then declare your negative test result by filling out the Health Declaration Form on China Customs' WeChat mini-program, app, or website:

Airlines no longer ask for COVID-19 testing results before boarding and also no testing requirement after arriving in China.

There is also no testing requirement after arriving in Xinjiang. So you can rest assured that you Xinjiang tour will no longer be interrupted by extra procedures.


Q4: Which flight should I book?

A4: Although the flight connectivity between Singapore and China has not been restored back to pre-COVID levels, flights to Xinjiang are still available.

Since there is no direct flight from Singapore to Xinjiang, Transferring via Beijing, Shanghai, or Xi'an is mostly chosen.

For example, if you would like to depart in the morning, you can choose Air China CA976 & CA1295 Singapore-Beijing-Urumqi/09:00-00:15+1 (transfer in Beijing and stay for 5 hours, luggage direct transfer).

Or Air China CA970 & CA1901 Singapore-Beijing-Urumqi/23:25-13:25+1 (transfer in Beijing and stay for 3 hours, luggage direct transfer) if you prefer night departure.

The way back is also quite easy: Air China CA1286 & CA975 Urumqi-Beijing-Singapore/19:15-06:30+1 (transfer in Beijing and stay for 1.5 hours, luggage direct transfer).

Taking a taxi or booking an airport transfer in Urumqi is quite convenient even arriving at the mid-night.

We also provide airport pick-up service and welcome to contact us for your Xinjiang tour.


Q5: Is it really safe to travel to China?

A5: Very safe even travel alone. Many people are concerned about the safety of Xinjiang, while now Xinjiang is also the safest region in China after years of efforts. Just one thing to note, the checkpoints and security checks in Xinjiang are relatively more than the other places in China, so you need to be patient and cooperative to go through the procedures as fast as possible. We can help you plan a trip with less trouble and you will be carefree when traveling with us.


Q6: Are there many places in Xinjiang that foreign travelers cannot visit?

A6: That is also one of the biggest misunderstandings about Xinjiang travel! Different from Tibet, travel permit is not required for traveling through most parts of Xinjiang.

There are only several cities or towns that are not open to foreign travelers. And getting a travel permit 3 months before visiting is necessary for a few places like Bayinbuluk. In addition, traveling to some border cities or counties like Taxkorgan needs a travel permit but is quite easy to get and no extra documents are needed even applying for it on arrival.

We are experienced in arranging Xinjiang tours efficiently. And you will save lots of effort to see what you are interested in Xinjiang when traveling with us.


Q7: Is self-driving in Xinjiang possible? And how about public transportation?

A7: The public transportation in Xinjiang has actually developed better and better. But the only problem is that Xinjiang is too vast. It accounts for more than 1/6 of China's territory, which means its size is larger than French + Germany + Britain + Italy! Therefore, relying on public transportation to travel through Xinjiang takes a relatively long time and needs meticulous planning.

Self-driving is possible, but for foreign travelers fueling is not that easy as you will be asked to scan your ID card on the machine at each gas station. The passport is not readable so you have to wait for some time to get checked. And the road conditions are quite complicated for those who are not familiar with the route.

We also provide van chartering service at a very reasonable price for your Xinjiang tour.


Q8: What kind of hotels should I book?

A8: Foreign-related certification is no longer a requirement for hotels to receive foreign guests. You can book any hotel with the required scan machine to check your passport, while inquiry in advance is necessary.

We are cooperating with almost all the hotels that are able to accommodate international travelers in Xinjiang. Travel with us, worry-free.


Any more questions? You are always welcomed to contact us about questions specific to Xinjiang tours or other China tours at any time! We will provide you with the best service and price.