Xinjiang Desert Travel Information

Posted: December 01st 2018

As we all know that desert is a barren area, where little precipitation occurs and consequently living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life, however it is an another leading role with fresh and clear personality which also boats Xinjiang's name card.

There are many deserts in China, especially big deserts, in Xinjiang. They are as big as the area of several provinces in China, so that even if you open the door you will meet them . The types of deserts are various; there are flowing deserts, fixed or half-fixed deserts, basin deserts, valley deserts, and plateau deserts as well.Although, the vast majority of people have never seen a desert, but they keep deep in their mind a fear about the desert. We cannot say this rooted fear has no reasons, but it certainly conceals much beguilement and ignorance.xinjiang-desert.jpgxinjiang-desert.jpg

Actually, driving along the highway across the Taklamakan Desert, seeing the vast and huge sand dunes jumping vividly in front of your eyes, you will experience something as if you were personally on the scene, just as if you saw the ocean for the first time, in addition to the excitement.

Being in the desert, which is densely covered by drip irrigation pipes, seeing the situation of the trees growing up in the desert, all complaints about the desert are gone. If you cover yourself up in the warm sands to have a sand therapy, all illness is dispelled, so your sensation about the desert is increasing. These dramatic endings are usually surprising, but they often happen in the desert

It is extremely fantastic if you stay in a hotel in the desert for several days, visiting the oil-field, observing the lives, waiting for the sunset, and feeling the intimate contact with the desert.

The topography of the vegetation carpet is certainly quite splendid, but the bare Gobi and the desert do not necessarily refer to ugliness. The bareness is a kind of practical demand that cannot be prohibited; likewise this rule is also quite suitable for humans and nature.



And when you standing on the mountains, Gobi and deserts, you can directly enjoy a general picture about the beautiful natural landscape, getting a more solid effects about the clearly contrast between the high and low places, the bright and dark colors, observing numerous details about the evolution of nature.

The naked desert express a lot of self-evident meanings, but what a pity that people never read them carefully. However, the camels may feel comfortable about the soft sands, and the Tamarix may feel satisfied about moist places in the desert, these are a cognitive standpoint and a state without the need for complicated analysis.

Xinjiang desert.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg

It is hard to image, if we didn't have the nature of the desert, not only would the nature of the world become disabled, it would also bring disasters on human beings, just like the earth without the cover of the ice in Antarctic Pole.

Anyway, just look at the natural environment of Xinjiang, your curiosity regarding this mysterious land could be satisfied to some extent. However what is more important, the power of nature is thought-provoking, giving you more spiritual enlightenment.