Tianshan Grand Canyon

Posted: July 31st 2017

Located at the south foot of the Tianshan Mountain, the Tianshan Grand Canyon is about 70 kilometers away from Kuche County and 1026 point of No.217 Highway. It runs from east to north, about 5.5 kilometers deep. Many years of natural erosion over the red rocks have formed this natural wonder. The canyon is characterized by oddly-shaped rocks, craggy pinnacles, rugged cliffs and deep ravines. The width of the canyon changes due to the terrain. While the broadest point is 53 meter wide, the narrowest place is 0.4 meters, too narrow for one person to squeeze through sideways. The ruin of the Thousand Buddha - Cave A-ai Grotto inside the canyon cannot be missed. These caves were chiseled at the zenith of the Tang Dynasty. The canyon is standing at the middle way of golden route. Its unparalleled landscape draws more and more visitors.

Kuqa Tianshan Great Canyon.jpg  Tianshan Grand-Canyon.jpg