The Wind Carvings in Xinjiang

Posted: June 07th 2017


In regard of tourism, Xinjiang is still lucky enough to be free from over-exploitation. There are still a great many to be exploitation yet, despite the number Xinjiang travel books or tour guides currently in the market.

Xinjiang has many thins that can become outstanding tourism resources - the magnificent landscape, the diversified ethnic groups, as well as the distinctive history and cultures.

The wind carvings are as wonderful natural arts as the water carvings, the ice carvings and the sunshine carvings.

The masterpieces of “wind, the carver” in Xinjiang include : the Bailongdui, or “White Dragon Pile”, in Lop Nur; Wuerhe the “wind city”; the “Devil City” in Hami; the “Resonating Dune” at Baishitou; the “Weird Rock Valley” at Bo'ertala; as well as the numerous rocks with bizarre shapes scattered all over the Gobi.


The “White Dragon Pile” is a classic of the Yardang landform. It looks like a gigantic maze, with a kind of enormous beauty. It may be delightful to view the landscape that seems like a white dragon resting on an expansion of land. In history records, however, the “White Dragon Pile” was evil. Lying on the only pass into the well-known Loulan Ancient City, it served as a natural shield against possible invaders. Only the fact is most that have been eliminated by it were harmless ancient trade caravans seeking fortune along the Silk Road, or innocent modern daredevils trying to reach the unsolved myth of Loulan.

The “Wind City” is another grotesque product of the wind. In the “city” there are plenty of castled, palaces, streets, markets, people and animals - only that with the uncanny similarity to the real stuff, all of them are carved out of rocks by the wind. This “City” is an unearthly magical world.

The “Resonating Dune” is not an average dune in the desert . It stands on the beautiful prairie in the east of Tianshan Mountain, surrounded by exuberant flora and dense forests. The surroundings make the dune so “irrelevant” as if it had flew here from somewhere else.

Like a skillful artisan, the wind has left wonderful pieces of artistic work everywhere in Xinjiang.hami.jpgwind-city.jpg