Lavender Farm in Yili Xinjiang

Posted: November 04th 2018

Lavender, is not only the Queen of vanilla, it is also the symbol of Romance. In the purple flower field, the breeze blowing and the air is filled with a faint fragrance of flower, since then all troubles can be vanished. In aromatherapy, lavender also has the effect of coping with stress. Moreover the word of the lavender are "wait for love" and the lavender dreamland, just like a girl's expectation.


Provence(France), Hokkaido(Japan) and Xinjiang Yili(China), has the wold-famous lavender fields. So which country has the most beautiful lavender and How different among them?



Provence is located in southern France, the home of lavender. The lavender fields here has a long history, with the plenty of sunlight which is adaptable to the growth of lavender, Provence's lavender fields are more spectacular and vast. More importantly, the lavender field here matches the French castle, just like a fairy tale.



Valensole is the largest lavender field in Provence,It is the birthplace of lavender and the largest land area of lavender cultivation.

Meanwhile, it is also the attraction of lavender fields such as "Perfume", "Lavender", and "Dream Link" and so on. Beautiful photographs can be taken here, therefore it will attract countless romantic couples to come here for taking wedding photos every year.



Sault is called the Capital of Lavender, it is the largest lavender producing area in Europe. And it is a small town about 400 metres above sea level.



There are only more than 1000 of the population. The small town is surrounded by lavenders. Unlike the Valensole plain, there are mountain lavender, with ups and downs, and there's lavender fields on precipitous and winding mountains, and it can show the curvilinear beauty.



Sault have retains some medieval alleys, and there are some exquisite old windows in the city, which have been in use since 1515. There is a market every Wednesday morning.


Sault is famous for lavender, because of the high altitude, the flowering season is relatively late, and purple lavender can be seen in August. The well-known lavender Festival is held every year, and the time is fixed in 15th August.


Abbaye de Sénanque:

Abbaye de Sénanque was constructed in 1148, the abbey is hidden in a quiet valley surrounded by green forests, and it is one of the three famous Zisterzienser abbey in Provence.


Zisterzienser is a quite rigorous and traditional sect,The coenobite live a simple abstinent life according to strict religious rules. They have been carefully cultivating this beautiful lavender field.


The road leading to the valley is rugged and winding. A rock highland beside the road overlooks the whole abbey and the blue-purple lavender fields in front of the abbaye. The natural and pure scenery is unforgettable, which breeds the infinite reverie of emotions and hearts.




Perhaps most Japanese have a cautious personality. Most lavender fields in Hokkaido are neatly planted. Lavender fields will also grow flowers in different intervals,it will make the whole flower field less monotonous. Here, you can also take part in making or buying DIY lavender soap and lavender ice cream.


Farm Tomita:

Furano has the large variety of lavender in Hokkaido, However the lavender in Farm Tomita have strong fragrance, colourful, delicate and charming in Furano area.


The Farm Tomita is divided into five flower fields: flower field, happy flower field, perfume field, lavender field and coloured flower field. The first four are all purple lavender flower fields, which are interlaced with shades. The color flower fields are long flower beds just like the colour carpets. They are composed of purple, bright yellow, dark green, light green, red and white flowers. Mid-July is the best time to visit.

Furano Lavender flower land



Kamifurano :

Kamiurano have one of the largest lavender flowers in Hokkaido area, its covering an area of 150 thousand square meters, is quite peaceful and beautiful. In addition to outdoor flower farms, there are indoor lavender flowers, experience workshops and canteens to name just a few.




Xinjiang Yili is the largest area of lavender grown in China. With the beautiful landscape, vast and sparsely populated, snow mountains under blue sky and white clouds, set off the purple lavender fields, such a magnificent earth, the integration of heaven and earth,which is totally different from the other pastoral farmhouse.


Huocheng county:

Huocheng county is located in the north west of Xinjiang, the western part of Tianshan Mountain, and the northwest of Yili valley.


Every June, the lavender fields of the Yili Valley, when violet flowers sway like waves in the wind, the refreshing fragrance of flowers in the wind seems to tell the harvesters that it is another year of lavender harvest .



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