Xinjiang Tekes County is Famous for its Layout

Posted: November 03rd 2018

Xinjiang Tekes county is famous for its layout of Eight-Diagram(Eight Diagrams City), Relevant departments cancelled traffic lights on roads in 1996, so the Bagua city have no traffic lights. It is said that Tekes Bagua city was first arranged by Qiu Chu Ji, one of the Quanzhenqizi of Taoism in the Southern Song Dynasty. At that time, Changchun Zhenrenqiu was invited by Genghis Khan to go to the Western Regions. When he passed through the Turks Valley, he was moved by the situation of the mountains and rivers, therefore he arranged the Eight Diagrams City in Tekes. Eight Diagrams City is radially circular. The street layout is like a magical labyrinth. At the same time, Eight Diagrams City has rich folk customs, unique and splendid history culture and beautiful natural scenery.



As the largest and complete Eight Diagrams City in the world, and it is the only place where Wusun culture interweaves with Yi Jing culture, the most westernmost Eight Diagrams City in China xinjiang and the place where Yi Jing culture is located, the most westernmost place where Taoist culture spreads, and it is also the place where the Wusun located. In 1936, the real project was complete by Qiuzongjun,warlord Shengshicai's father-in-law, who had chosen the site and design the layout of the city, he also directed over the project. At that time, in order to complete this project, the county magistrate invited Russian experts to assist measuring and piling. Due to there were no ropes, the county magistrate appointed special people to buy bundles of cloth from the shops, tear them into strips, and connect it into long lines, then ploughed out the prototype of Eight Diagrams City streets with 20 oxen.


Nowadays the city has completely accordance with the "Book of Changes"(Zhou Yi) which embodies the cultural connotation and the mysterious thought of the Eight Diagrams, takes the central Eight Diagrams Cultural Square as Taiji. According to the Eight Diagrams orientation, each main street is 1200 metres long, and there are four ring roads out of the city centre, including eight streets in the first ring, sixteen streets in the second ring, thirty-two streets in the third ring and sixty-four streets in the fourth ring. However these streets has fully reflected the logistic in Book of Change.


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