Duku Highway Travel Advise

Posted: May 20th 2024

Duku Highway

  The scenery of the Duku Highway has contracted 80% of the beauty of the highway in Xinjiang, with a total length of 561 kilometers, experiencing four seasons in one day, including: snowy mountains, grassland canyons, wetlands, forests, rivers, Yardang landform. The highway is only open for 4 months.

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    Intend to come to Xinjiang Duku Highway, if you check the strategy to see the dazzle, or do not understand how to play, it is recommended to read this strategy, including transportation, accommodation, food, attractions, there are some precautions, I really hope to be able to help you, I wish you all happy to play!

1. Opening time

  The Duku Highway is expected to be fully open to traffic on June 10, 2024

2. Duku Highway

  Known as a must-hit place for road enthusiasts, there will always be tourists on their way to Duku during its annual opening. This scenic highway running through the spine of Tianshan Mountain, no matter what season you go to Xinjiang, you can see all the four seasons in one day in Duku, and different days in ten miles. On the way, you will be able to see all the mountain valleys, snow-capped lakes, Gobi deserts, snow-capped spruce, and Yardang landforms.

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3. The Duku Highway Route

From north Dushanzi to south along the dry valley of the Kuitun River to climb deeper into the Tianshan Mountains over the Hashilagan Darshan (tunnel) and down to Qiaoerma.

Then go up over the Yuxi Molegai Darshan (tunnel), down the mountain to reach Naraty and then up to Laerdun Darshan, down the mountain to reach Bayanbuluk Grassland

In the south over the Tielimaiti Darshan (tunnel), and then gradually down to the big and small Longchi

After passing through the mysterious Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountain, the Potala Palace and other mountainous landscapes, you will finally arrive at the end of the Duku Highway in the city of Kuqa!

4. How long does the whole section of the Duku Highway take?

① Duku North Section.

Dushanzi - Naraty(250km, 5 hours)

② Duku Central Section.

Naraty-Bayanbulak(61km, 1.5 hours)

③ Duku South.

Bayanbulak-Kuqa(250km, 5 hours) 

We will drive on Duku Highway about 1 day, we will be walking and stopping, taking pictures and playing cards and whatnot, so we suggest that our friends reserve 2 days on the whole section of Duku! So that you don't get tired and you can have a good time!

④ Duku Middle Section

 Naraty-Bayanbulak(61km, 1.5 hours)

Closed detour route: Naraty-Gongnaisi-Bayanbulak (about 150KM) on the way to play the scenery: Gongnaisi National Forest Park

⑤ Duku South Section


Closed detour route: Bayanbulak - Korla - Kuqa (90KM, about 2 days) on the way can be forked from Korla: to the Lopnur people village play on the way can be forked from Luntai County: to the Tarim poplar forest play

5. Is there a toll on the Duku Highway?

  There is a toll on the Duku Highway!!!! Built in Saltwater Gully, more than 10 kilometers from the city of KuqaThere's a toll booth, the only one on the Duku highway, and it's not very expensive, about 20 RMB. 

  This toll station is a two-way toll, that is to say, no matter from which direction, are over a charge once, if from Baicheng first to Kuche and then go to Dushanzi, it will be charged twice.

6. Accommodation on the Duku Highway

Dushanzi: As the starting point of Duku, the accommodation condition is better.

②Tangbula Grassland:There are not many hotels, you can choose the herdsmen's drilling room to accommodate.

Naraty Town:There are more hotels and more room types to choose from.

Bayanbuluk Town: There are more hotels and you can choose more room types, but you must book in advance.

Kuche City:The end of Duku Highway, with better accommodations and more choices for meals

7. Duku Highway Cuisine

  Dushanzi District, Ulansadeke Conservation Station, Qiaoerma, Tangbula Prairie, Xinyuan County, Hejing County, and Kuqa City. You can choose from barbecue meat, black-head mutton, Kuqa Naan, grassland flowers and honey... On this journey, don't worry about bad food! But still need to prepare enough dry food in case of traffic jams and emergencies!

8. Self-driving Duku Highway Precautions

Note 1: Know the road condition information in advance and check your vehicle well.

Note 2:  Check the spare tire of your car and whether it is fully inflated.

Note 3: The Duku Highway is closed at irregular times every year, and the road will be closed temporarily when there is heavy snowfall.

Note 4: Pay attention to the speed limit, there are many sections of the Duku Highway with a speed limit of 40km/h.

Note 5: Self-driving friends bring more water and food, to prevent traffic jams

Note 6: Duku Highway is mostly a mountain road, driving is not recommended for those who do not have a high level of experience.

Note 7: Duku Highway conditions are complex, do not fatigue driving, and do not drive at night!

Note 8: Prepare common medicines before departure, such as motion sickness drugs, sensory drugs, anti-mosquito drugs, etc.

Note 9: Remember the Dushanzi emergency number before you leave.

Note 10: Some sections of the road may have gravel, so drive carefully when passing through.

Note 11: In the era of cell phone payment, it is recommended to bring some cash, some places have bad signal.

Note 12:  Know the local weather conditions for the next few days before you leave.

Note 13: The gravel road on the mountain is easy to slide, pay attention to observation when driving, pass quickly and do not stop!

Note 14: The Duku Highway is restricted to cars with 7 seats or less.