Ski in Winter Snow Fantasy - Xinjiang

Posted: January 14th 2021

Please pay attention

Visitors to Yekaxia Ski Resort, Wild Snow Park of Altay and Keketuohai International Ski Resort are required to apply for the border pass in advance!

Winter is a skiing season. Altay has a long history with ice & snow culture, and world-class winter tourism resources. The comprehensive conditions of Altay Mountain are comparable with those of the European Alps and North American Rocky Mountains, which are located on the same golden snow line of 45 ° to 47 ° north latitude. The unique skiing advantages of Altay area are early snowfall, large amount of snow, long snow period and excellent snow quality, praised as the best "Pink Snow" in snow. Altay, famous for "The Origin of Human Skiing", has classic skiing conditions such as temperature, wind speed and humidity. In 2018, it was awarded the title of "snow capital of China" by the National Climate Center.

Because some snow fields and scenic spots are located in the border management area, tourists are required to apply for a border pass. Through multi-party coordination, it is convenient and time-saving for Hong Kongese, Macanese, Taiwan compatriots, and foreign tourists to apply now.

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1) Application Process:

(a) Travel agencies or ski clubs obtain application forms for tourists from the areas mentioned above.

(b) Fill in blanks carefully. (It must be clear statements about the places they would like to visit)

(c) The staff of travel agency and ski club can handle it on the same day after verifying the seal information.

2) Travel agencies and ski clubs apply for the border pass border (valid for 1-3 months)

(a) Be clear statement on places you would like to go. You can write down multiple places at the same time.

(b) Provide the required materials according to the local public security

If applied in Altay City, the staff of travel agency and ski clubs should confirm numbers and information of skiing teams and go to Altay Border Management Bureau to apply in advance by 2 days. The pass can be handled again after the validity period.


(1) Tourists outside Xinjiang can apply in their residence or in Altay City.

(2) Tourists inside Xinjiang are limited to registered residence only.

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Wild Snow Park

Wild Snow Park is located in wuqilik National Wetland Park, 25 kilometers away from Altay City with convenient transportation. It is known for abundant snowfall, long snow storage sliding distance 

At present, there are wolf's nest area, snow cat area, and secret garden area covering 200-300 square kilometers, of which the sliding area is more than 30 square kilometers. Helicopters are available all days.

Wilkd Snow Park is an important part of Altay National Snow Park and the first helicopter skiing base in China.

Altay Wild Snow Park.jpg Wild Snow Park.jpg

Yekaxia Ski Resort

The resort has two canyons, four mountains and six slopes with the altitude of 1900-2000 meters. There are no trees on all sides of the hillside, and more than 100 snow trails with a total length of more than 70 km. Through the cable car, 2 canyons and 4 mountains can be closely connected and seamlessly connected.

The region has abundant natural snowfall, and the thickness can reach 2-3 meters. It is not windy but temperature is suitable for winter activities. The snow period is from late September to late May. In winter, it will be an excellent place for helicopter skiing and wild snow skiing.

Yekaxia Ski Resort.jpg Snowmobile.jpg

Keketuohai Ski Resort

The resort is located on Altay Mountain, 18 kilometers away from Keketouhai Town on the upstream of Baoshi valley. The higher altitude of the mountain is 3100 meters, and the lower altitude is 1900 meters. The vertical drop of the mountain is 1200 meters. The snow area covers 1.93 million square meters. It can not only meet the demand of the mass tourists, but also meet the demand of high-level event such as Winter Olympic Games Snow Event or Alpine skiing event venue for vertical drop.

Ski Resort Keketuohai.png keketuohai Ski resort.jpg