Shunan bamboo forest travel FAQ

1. How can I get there? You can take a bus to the bamboo forest from Chengdu at Xinnamen bus station. The distance is approximately 330 km, buses drive by Chengdu-Chongqing express way, passing Longquan, Neijiang, Yibin, then arrive at bamboo forest, the whole trip takes about 5 hours.

2.How about the road condition there? From Chengdu to Yibin is expressway, then from Yibin to the Bamboo Forest the road is not as good as the express way but it is all tar covered and smooth.

3. What can I eat there? Very dilicious food there, especially the local bamboo shoot dishes. Since Yibain city is located at the converging point of Yangtze River and Mingjiang River fishes here are abundant.

4. Will it be cold there in bamboo forest? The temperature there is a little bit lower than Chengdu since the area is covered with bamboo,but it is not necessary to wear heavily while travelling there in summer. The annual average temperature there is 15.5?while the temperature never goes below 0 in winter or above 30 in summer.

5. How about the entrance fee there? The entrance fee is 68Yuan/person and if you want to take the sightseeing cable car in the bamboo forest instead of walking you should pay an extra money of 30Yuan.