Bamboo Art Works

Bamboo art works are the local specialty in Shunan Bamboo Forest Scenic Area, such as bamboo chopsticks, bamboo furniture, bamboo-root carvings, bamboo architecture, etc.

bamboo  art work.jpgBamboo chopsticks are well-known as the 'Oriental Civilization'. Handicraftsmen normally sculp diverse animal shapes on the top of chopsticks, which is vivid and very lovely. Among them, the most beatiful and famous is the 'Dragon-phenix Chopsticks':one of the stick is decorated with a hollow-out dragon with the sharp claws and vivid expression, and a flying phenix is through carved on another stick,graceful and lively,which demonstrates the delicate handcrafts.

The bamboo-root carving is also a kind of amazing artwork in Shunan Zhuhai.It originated in the Qing Dynasty with a long history in China.In Nanxi county,Yibin,there is a collection of bamboo-root carving which can be dated back to Qing Dynasty.It is 39.5 high and 15.5 wide, while you can find more than 60 figure statues with delicate sculptures of pavillions,trees,stones ect,which formed a very nice landscape.The bamboo-root carving is really a kind of exquisite craftsmanship and is rare in the world