Leshan Tour FAQ

1.How can I get there? There are daily bus to Leshan city from chengdu tourist bus station every half hour. 130km to Leshan takes about two hours driving. When you arrive Leshan Xiaoba Bus Station, change to bus No1 there, which takes you directly to the Giant Buddha. Or you can join our groups, which offer you a comfortable and pleasant journey.

2.One day or two days? Both are available, a 2-day-trip will be even better together with Mt.emei. Private tour or join tour are both okay,if you want to have a comfortable and pleasant journey, you are suggested to attend the join tour, we are honored to serve you as well as we can.

3.How about the food and accommodations there? Since Leshan is not quite far from Chengdu and it is also a medium-sized city you can almost try everything available in chengdu here.Overall, the food and accommmodations in Leshan are quite satisfactory.

4.What is the best period to travel there? It is good to travel there all year round since it has a mild climate in Leshan. Most travelers go there from Apr.to Nov. maybe you can say that is the best period to travel period.

5.Does the entrance fee cost me a lot? The entrance fee is 80yuan/person and the boat ticket is 70Yuan/person. There is no ticket discount at all no matter how many people in your group.

6.Is it possible to see Leshan Giant Buddha on the boat without climing the steps to the top of the hill?
Yes,definitely. You can choose either to visit the Giant Buddha climbing up to the top of the hill or just to see it on the boat. Of course, most of the visitors do both of them, but for the senior citizens or who have problems on their legs it is a good choice to take the boat only.