Mt.emei travel tips


It is quite convenient to find a hotel meeting your need. You can choose Huasheng Hotel that located in the city of Mt.emei, or Emei Grand Hotel at the foot of Mt.emei, or phoenix lake hotel with some peacocks and treasure birds in its garden. Five star hotels are also provided here.
As Mt.emei is famous for its five thousand species of plants, offering you several choices. What local people eat is the traditional Sichuan food while western food also available with the foreigners' rush-in.

The distance between scenic spots
Emei downtown to Baoguo temple 6.6km
Baoguo temple to Crouching Tiger temple 1km
Crouching Tiger temple to Qinyin hall 10km
Qinyin hall to Hongchunpin 6km
Hongchunpin to Jiulao cave 15km
Jiulao cave to Xixiang pool 12.5km
Xixiang pool to Leidongpin 7.5km
Leidongpin to Jieyin Hall 1.5km
Jieyin Hall to golden summit 6km

Essential cost
Entrance fee of Mt Emei: 150RMB
Cable car to golden summit: up 65RMB, down 55RMB
Cable car to Wanlian temple: up 65RMB, down 55RMB
Sightseeing bus: 20RMB for one way to Wanniansi, 40RMB for round;40RMB for up way to the Golden Summit,30RMB down. 

The entrance fee of temples
The Huazang temple on golden summit: 10RMB
Wannian temple: 10RMB
Baoguo temple: 8RMB
The small train from golden summit to Wanfo summit: 50RMB/P
Crouching Tiger temple: 6RMB
And it has a lot of famous Buddhism festival, which delight tourists and Buddhists from home and abroad by its mystery. But the time is depended. So if you are interested in that , please contract us by E-mail, and we will try our best to let you know by the first time.