Sichuan Cuisine

General information about Sichuan Cuisine

Many travelers know Sichuan cuisine for its 'hot and spicy' flavors or a few of its most famous dishes, but that is only the beginning. Sichuan cuisine is legendary in China for its sophistication and diversity. The regional cuisine boasts 5,000 different dishes.

Sichuan cuisine has enjoyed a worldwide reputation. However, most people immediately think of Sichuan food soon after it is mentioned as a hot or spicy food. You may wonder why the red pepper is so popular. Here is a common explanation. Sichuan has a humid climate that encourages people to eat strongly spiced foods. The red pepper may help reduce internal dampness.

Sichuan pepper is another important ingredient in Sichuan cooking. It is known as huajiao (flower pepper). It is the Chinese pepper, and it looks like a reddish brown fruit. The peppercorn comes from the prickly ash tree. The pepper flower creates a most sudden numbing effect on one's tongue.

Sichuan cuisine so carefully balances color, smell, flavor, shape and nutrition that its dishes not only look pleasant and appealing, but also nutritious. In Sichuan menu there are several hundred popular dishes. Sichuan cuisine is able to produce 100 different flavored dishes! Besides, Sichuan cooks provide dishes that are intentionally toned down for tourists at home and abroad. They have no difficulty in getting Sichuan food that suits their tastes whether it's in a banquet, outstanding lunches, dinners, or snacks.

Sichuan Snack  
Sichuan cuisine include a number of famous snack dishes, they are called 'xiaochi' inChinese. Sichuan snacks are very popular for their unique flavors. They are cooked with various seasonings. Chengdu snacks have a long history. they have a particular style in color, smell, taste and shape. Each restaurant in Chengdu tries to offer a variety of traditional snack in an attempt to satisfy customers at home and abroad. Such an effort saves travelers much time in searching for snack places marked on the city guide map