Jiuzhaigou Shopping Guide(1) - Rare Medicinal Materials

As Jiuzhaigou is one of the production bases of Sichuan that supplies medicinal materials, there grow thousands of officinal plants in this plant kingdom. These materials are often used by local people because they are effective to cure diseases.

 Songbei.jpgSongbei (pine bulb fritillariae)

In China, there are dozens kinds of bulb of fritillary, bulbus fritillariae being most treasured, and pine bulb fritillariae the best. It is used for patients of cough, lung and inflammatory diseases.

Chongcao (worm grass of the ergot genus)

Of a bit sweet taste, it is a compound of winged insectsChongcao.jpg parasitic on larva remains. It is good for lung disease, as well as bronchitis, and intestinal,womb and heart disease. It is also good as a tranquilizer, inflammatory agent,lessening cholesterol, increasing blood sugar, and suppressing tumor.

Tianma (Rhizoma gastrodiae of the orchid genus)

It is a yellow-red fleshy single plant, the root of which is used as a medicinal material. It is good for liver disease and headache.

 Xuelingzhi.jpgXue Lingzhi (Snow Ganoderma of the pink genus)

Sweet and icy, it s good and constitutional to improve your overall health status, used for patients of lungphlegm disease, hemoptysis, weakness, and dizziness. Local Tibetans process its stem, leave and flower to make tea which is good to refresh, release fatigue and lessen fever.

 Cao Lingzhi (Ganoderma Grass of the azalea genus)

Pungent, a bit bitter, it is good both as a tranquilizer and a pain killer.

 Lingzhi Jun (Ganoderma Fungus, Basidiomycetes genus)

Insipid and mild, it is good to strengthen overall health, used for patients of dizziness, insomnia, neurasthenia, hypertension, coronary disease, high cholesterol, hepatitis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, rheumatic arthritis, and rhinitis.

 Xue Lianhua (Snow Lotus, chrysanthemum genus)Xuelian.jpg

Bitter and mild, it is good to strengthen overall health,regulate menoxenia. It is used for patients of snow blindness, toothache, rheumatic arthritis, impotentia, hemorrhage, leucorrhea, pelvic inflammation, and abdomen psychroalgia.

 Xuecha (Snow Tea of the Lichenes genus)

It grows at an altitude up to 3,600 meters, in alpine meadows. A bit bitter and icy, it is good to lessen inflammation, tranquilize, wet and nourish lung and supplement yin, lessen liver inflammation. It is used for patients of heliosis, emotional fever, yin weakness, lung fever, cough, neurasthenia, and hypertension.

 Saffron of Iridaceae

Saffron.jpgIts column head is a medicinal material, good for blood circulation, expelling phlegm, pain-killing, and wombactivating, hypotensive activity.
As it is a costly material, the fake saffron is often sold in the market. The real one is crimson, oily, lustrous, and glutinous, with special fragrance. Mixing with it, water becomes yellow which soon spreads. It shapes like a trumpet. The fake vegetable one is often cut into tiny pieces and dyed with carmine.Mixing with it, water becomes red.

 Tao'erqi (of the Cork Tree genus)

The Class-III state-protected plant, it is good as a painkiller, for lessening fever, activating blood circulation, expelling chill, and arresting cough. It is used for patients of rheumatic pains, cough, stomachache, womb hemorrhage, muscle/bone injury, and snakebite, and detoxicant. It is also good to lessen cancer tumor. Its fruit is used for patients of cough, breath disease, and short death.

 Xueshang Yizhihao (Bullatine of Maolang aconite)

The Class-III state-protected plant, it is of bio-alkali at its tuber, good for inflammation, pain, rheumatism, muscle/bone injury, toothache, sore, swelling, and snakebite.

 Yanling Grass (Longevity Grass of Liliopsida genus)

A Class-III state-protected plant, it is of fine therapeutic functions. Its tuber contains various saponin base, effective, to certain extent, to dizziness, hypertension, neurasthenia, muscle/bone injury, waist and leg pains.

 Shaji (Sea backthern of Elaeagnaceae genus)

It is good for angiocardiopathy, improving the blood circulation of coronary artillery,Shaji.jpg lessening the cholesterol, used for patients of respiratory diseases, like phlegm cough, good for activating suppressing activity of stomach juice and proteinase of the digestive system, and surface gastritis. According to foreign sources, its seed oil can improve metabolism and help to heal wounds, and it can serve as a tranquilizer.