Tuhilu Tiemur Mazar

The Tuhilu Tiemur Mazar is located about 15 kilometers to the northeast of the county seat of Huocheng. Tuhilu Tiemur is a seventh-genera- tion descendent of Genghis Khan. He was enthroned the first Khan of 1354. he changed to profess Islam and became the first Mongolian Khan to believe in Islam and thus promoted the Islamic spreading in Xinjiang. He died in the 23ed year of Zhizheng period of Yuan Dynasty (1363 A.D.). 

The mausoleum has a domed top 14 meters high, with a stairs leading to the trip. It covers an area of 170 square meters. Its gate faces east. Its front wall is decorated with prattle, white and blue glazed bricks, which forms various geometric portents. This mausoleum is one of the oldest Islamic architectures in Xinjiang. Now it is listed as a cultural site under autonomous region protection.