The Site of the Huiyuan City

Huiyuan City is located 30 kilometers to the west of Yining City. In 1762. after suppressing the Jungar Rebellion and reuniting Xiniiang in 1757, the government of the Qing Dynasty officially set up the Ili General to administer the military and polilical affairs of whole Xinjiang and the areas to the east and south of Balkhash lake, and built Huiyuan City in the next year. Huiyuan City includes an old city and a new one. The old city was firstly built in 1763 and expanded in 1793. It is 4.2 meters in height and 8.15 kilo meters in perimeter. It was destroyed in 1871 when Tsarist Russian invaded and occupied Ili. The new city is located 7.5 kilometers to the north of the old city. It was built in 1883. The city is about 5 meters in height and 4.6 kilometers in perimeter. The overall architectural arrangement of the city is very clear and neat with four avenues straightly leading to the four gates. Huiyuan City was the largest city in Xiniiang at that time.