Sudan Vais Khan Mazar

Sudan Vais Khan Mazar Located in Mazar Village at the foot of the Aburele Mountain, 5 kilometers to the northeast of Yining City, the Mazar is the tomb of Sudan Vais Khan, an 11th-generation descendant of Genghis Khan, covering an area of 66700 square meters. 

It is a mausoleum in Chinese architectural type, being shaded by ancient green trees. It has four stories. The ground floor, second floor and third floor are square in shape, with hanging eaves on the four corners. The fourth floor is a hexagonal tower, of which the top bears crescents, the two sides are opened round windows with carved lattices and the under-cave are supported by 20 posts. There is a mosque in large scale nearby. Now it is listed as a cultural site under autonomous region protection.