Medlis Mosque

Medlis Mosque Located at the South Gate of Yining City, the mosque is the largest place where Moslem of Yining conducts religious activities. The Medlis means a higher lection school. It was built in the 38th year of Qianlong period. covering an area about 1800 meters. consisting of auditoria, temple gate. praying hall and doctrine-teaching hall. The praying hail, which is the main building of the mosque, includes three paris: the outer hall, middle hall, and inner hall. The middle hall is 510 square meters in area and has 40 pillars in netlike arrangement. In left and right side are opened 8 pairs of windows and carved more than 200 colorful excellent designs of various flowers. In 1983, the mosque was renovated and decorated and was listed as a major cultural site under autonomous region protection.