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The Kalajun Great Circuit is the paradise for the travelers who like natural beauties and hiking lovers. Xiata Forest surrounded by mountains and Zhaosu Wetland Park that called " The Birthpalce of Ferghana Horses"; Kalajun Grassland is known as one of the most beautiful grassland in China, where you can experience the natural beauty of Xinjiang Kalajun. 


  • Hiking from the Kalajun , through the Kalajun grasslan, Qiongkushitai, Tarim, and Qiaxi as well.

  • Enjoy yourself in Kalajun Greassland for its grassland, horse riding, yurt culture, and Kazakh food and traditions.

  • Zhaosu Wetland Park, also know as the birthplace of Tianma Horses. Being one of the few typical wetland park in the world, it is renowned for its Tianma Horses and the Tianma bathing in the river show.

  • Appreciate the fascinating scenery of one of the most beautiful grasslands in the world - Kalajun Grassland to experience the nomadic lifestyle of Kazakh people


Day 1Yining / Urumqi Arrival

Today you will catch the flight to Yining. We will meet you at the airport or you can arrive in Urumqi then take 5hrs high-speed train to Yining. We will transfer to your hotel and check in. Have a good rest.

Transport: car
Accommodation: Overnight in Yining
Meals: Breakfast

Day 2Yining-Zhaosu

Today, we will depart from Yining and head to the beautiful Zhaosu. We will start here with a visit to the Xiata Forest, which is surrounded by snowy mountains, wildflowers and evergreen pines, making it an ideal year-round vacation spot, where you can enjoy different mountain colors from different perspectives. You can also take a leisurely hike through the grassland.

And then continue driving to Zhaosu Wetland Park. No matter what, when you come to Zhaosu, you have to go to see a show of Tianma Horses Bathing in the River! Zhaosu is the birthplace of the famous horse - Ferghana horse. It has five existing horse breeds: Yili horse, English Pure Horse, Kyrgyz, Alden, and German Warm-blooded Horse, among which there are more than 60,000 Yili horses, which are the excellent horse breeds in China, and are valuable livestock resources. Here, we can not only enjoy the charming scenery of Zhaosu Wetland, but also see the famous Zhaosu Tianma Bathing River. You can enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenery while watching the Tianma show.

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Qiongkushitai Village
Meals: Breakfast

Day 3Qiongkushitai Village-Jiasagan

Today you will start the first day hiking. We will start from Qiongkushitai to Jiasagan Camp.The whole journey is about 12 kilometers. Before you start hiking, the leader will lead you through a brief warm-up activity and inform you of the important points should be taken.

The first day's hiking is little difficult with two big climbs. But after the first climb, you will find that you can take in the beauty of the grassland here. After entering the valley you can see a few scattered cabins, cross the river to the resting point at noon, take a short break to eat and continue the rest of the journey; the afternoon climb is the most difficult one, continuing to climb a few hundred meters to the tractor road, accompanied by the sunset we will reach the campsite of Jiasagan, and end the first day of the journey.

Transport: Hiking 12km/5hrs
Accommodation: Overnight in Jiasagan Camp
Meals: Breakfast

Day 4Jiasagan-East Kalajun

Today, after breakfast we will start from the camp to the East Kalajun.The whole journey is about 12 kilometers. The climb is less today, but the distance is a little longer to walk to the East Kelajun campground.

On the way, you will see wildflowers decorating the earth, cattle and sheep scattered on the mountain slopes, herds of horses galloping along the ridges, a few eagles circling in the air, and vultures sharing their food in the valleys. Everything is in its most natural state.

Transport: Hiking 12km/5hrs
Accommodation: Overnight in East Karajun
Meals: Breakfast

Day 5East Karajun-Tarim

On the third day, from East Kalajun to Tarim Scenic Area, the overall downhill is the main focus about 21kms, just be careful to tie up your knee pads and cut your nails well. Along the way, you will pass through a series of snowy mountains, with occasional sunbathing groundhogs in the meadow, climbing up a big hill, followed by a continuous downhill. Continuously downhill to the valley, across the river,you will go into the Tarim Scenic Area. Along the way, you can also come across eagles circling overhead, and the locals will feed them.

This day is not too difficult, you will not only experience stunning scenery, you will also be able to see the locals are living in harmony with the natural life here!

Transport: Hiking 21kms/10hrs
Accommodation: Overnight in Tarim Campground
Meals: Breakfast

Day 6Tarim-Qiaxi Grassland

Today was a test of endurance and will. Hiking the journey downhill alternating moderate difficulty, mainly Tarim Scenic Area, across the grasslands, hillsides, almost to Qiaxi about 20kms. The scenery is the best, scattered wooden houses located in the river, while the distant snowy mountains reflect, colorful flower clusters, dotted with the period of the white felt, green carpet scattered on the flow of clouds of sheep, hiking the whole in the grassland sea of flowers, every step in the middle of it, and the most beautiful.

Arriving in the afternoon, we will check into a Kazakh felt hut in the forest, and in the evening a sumptuous local meal will be arranged for you.

Transport: Hiking 20kms/6hrs
Accommodation: Overnight in Qiaxi Kazakh felt hut
Meals: Breakfast

Day 7Qiaxi Grassland-Mohuer

Today, we first hiking through the Qiaxi Grasslands, the whole journey is about 18 kilometers. All the way is the blue sky, snowy mountains, forests, grasslands, cows and sheep, streams, wooden houses, it is the most scenic day, the beauty is unparalleled, the grasslands and mountain slopes of gorgeous smooth curves, there is the most beautiful Sukolen grasslands, such as a carpet of soft and cozy. Over the last pass, you can see the highest peak in the trip Kabanbayi peak.

The natural fusion of people and scenery, natural, in this gorgeous world, I believe it will give you a lot of surprises. In the evening, we will camp at Mohurer Campground.

Transport: Hiking 18kms/8hrs
Accommodation: Overnight in Mohuer Campground
Meals: Breakfast

Day 8Mohuer - Kuerdening

Today, our journey will start on the Sukoren grasslands about 9kms, you can see the foothills of the mountains with streams and forests; and in the midst of the stretching group of snowy mountains stands Kabanbayi Peak, the highest peak of the Naraty range. We headed above the green carpet-like grasslands of Kuerdening, up and down in smooth curves.

Kuerdening is a World Natural Heritage Site, although not as famous as Karajun, it has the highest concentration of snowy ridge spruce in the world and is also a natural gene pool of species comprising a wide range of rare wild fruit trees.

Transport: Hiking 9kms/5hrs
Accommodation: Overnight in Kuerdening
Meals: Breakfast

Day 9Kuerdening Yining Departur

Today, we will meet our pick-up vehicle in Kuerdening and return to Yining in the morning. This is the end of our trip, you will departure to the airport according to your return time. Wish you a good trip.

Transport: Car 200kms/4hrs
Meals: Breakfast

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Trip Notes

  • We always offer friendly and supportive discount for seniors and Families with little kids.

  • You are able to visit Xinjiang during Ramadan. All the restaurants are open

  • Complimentary 2 bottles of water each person on daily use.

  • You will need Travel permit to Taxkorgan and Bayinbuluk


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Climate and Altitude

Generally speaking End March—End Oct are the best time to visit Xinjiang. From mid April to mid of August is the best time to explore the vast grassland in Yili River valley which borders with Kazakhstan.Mid may to Mid Oct is the best time to explore north Xinjiang of Kanas Nature park. End March to Mid June, Sept and Oct are the perfect season to South Xinjiang for its pleasant weather and sweet fruits.  No need to worry about high altitude along the Xinjiang. We will prepare Oxygen bags if required. We offer beneficial Cancellation Policy to our customers.

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