This 9 days group tour starts from the picturesque city Yining and ends in the capital city of Xinjiang - Urumqi. You will go to Tuergen Village first to chase the apricot blossom! Just forget about any worries and immerse yourself in the ocean of apricot flowers! Daxigou Valley is also an excelletn place to appreciate apricot flowers blooming. Pay a visit to Yining city and you will experience the exotic Liuxing Street. Thereafter, Naraty and Kalajun grassland are welcoming you with their gentle breeze and lovely wild lily flowers. Sayram Lake is also the must-visit site in Xinjiang as it is incrediblely stunning and enchanting!


  • Appreciate the stunning scenery of Appricot blossom in Tuergen Village and Daxigou Valley

  • Appreciate the fascinating scenery of one of the most beautiful grasslands in the world - Naraty Grassland to experience the nomadic lifestyle of Kazakh people

  • Pay a visit to the mysterious and magnificent Dushanzi Grand Canyon to see the unique landscape of water erosion.

  • Enjoy the fantastic landscape in heavenly lake, where the thick forest, vast grassland, magnificent snow mountain, experience the unique nomadic culture of local kazakhs.


Day 1Yining Arrival

Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel. The rest of the day will be free for you to stroll around the beautiful city or just have a good rest in the hotel.

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Yining

Day 2Yining to Tuergen then to Xinyuan (230kms, 3.5hrs driving)

Early spring is the best time to appreciate apricot blossom. One of the most famous sights to see the flowers is Tuergen Village in Xinyuan County of Yili River Valley, Apricot Valley attracts millions of tourists for the majestic sea of pink and white apricot blossom in April. The beautiful valley lies in its great momentum. No matter where your are, either on the ridge or at the bottom of the valley, apricot trees are curvaceous with inviting colors. There are thirty thousand acre of wild apricot forests that have been rooted here for thousands of years. When the flowers are in full bloom, the whole Yili river valley looks just like a fairyland on earth!

Later in the day, drive back to Xinyuan county to stay overnight.

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Xinyuan
Meals: Breakfast

Day 3Xinyuan to Naraty (82kms, 1.5hrs driving)

Today get up earlier and we will head to visit Naraty Grassland. The scenery is incrediblely stunning. The majestic snow mountains around and pine trees are so much like Swissland. The rolling ups and downs of the grass sea may remind you of Italy's Tuscany, where time is art and romance. Flowers are swaying on the grass. God's horses leisurely graze beside the yurts. Kazakh herders live here for generations. In summer, they feed sheep, cattle, and horses on the vast grassland. In Winter, the animals are driven to warmer places. The transition is Kazakh's life and hope.

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Naraty
Meals: Breakfast

Day 4Naraty to Kuerdening then to Gongliu (250kms, 3.5hrs driving)

Today we will start our tour earlier in the morning. After enjoy your breakfast, we will head to Kuerdening Grassland. On the way you will be shocked by how beautiful the scenery is outside your window! Upon arrival, release yourself in the gentle breeze of Kuerdening. You will be surrounded by the green hills, snow mountains, boundless grasslands, meandering streams and little wildflowers! It is absolutely enjoyable even just lying on the grassland!

In the afternoon, we will drive to Gongliu county to have overnight stay.

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Gongliu
Meals: Breakfast

Day 5Gongliu to Tekes (65kms, 1.5hrs driving)

Driving from Gongliu to Tekes, you will start your journey from the ingenious Kalajun Prairie, which is as beautiful as in a poem or a picture. There are springs densely distributed here. Every year, from April to September. The ideal place for people of the pasture to exchange materials and hold cultural activities. Kalajun, in Kazak, means "a dark wilderness". For generations, people on the grassland have lived a simple nomadic life. The traditional lifestyle exudes a unique charm.


Later in the day, we will drive to Tekes downtown. You will enjoy a wonderful night in Lijie Street, where to experience the unique “Bagua” culture of Tekes. Have a good rest after hotel checking in.

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Tekes
Meals: Breakfast

Day 6Tekes to Yining to Daxigou Valley then to Qingshuihe (225kms, 4hrs driving)

Today after breakfast, we drive back to Yinning. In Yining, we are going to visit Liuxing Street, named for its hexagonal street, was built in the mid-1930s. A hundred years of cultural precipitation has shaped the unique historical and humanistic value of Liuxing Street. Now Liuxing Street has developed into a famous tourist attraction integrating tourism, cultural exhibition, garden tourism, specialty restaurants and craft processing. And you can also visit the famous Alexander Accordion Museum there.


Afterwards, continue our flower chasing journey to Daxigou Valley. You will not only appreciate the stunning apricot blossom, but also the other flowers like wild apple flower and wild plum blooming in the spring breeze! The world of flower will make you forget about any worries and troubles! Just take as many awesome photos as possible!


Later in the day, drive to Qingshuihe Town to stay over night

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Qingshuihe
Meals: Breakfast

Day 7Qingshuihe to Sayram Lake to Dushanzi then to Kuitun (470kms, 6.5hrs driving)

Today after breakfast, let us start our tour today! We will drive on the spectacular Guozigou Bridge, the largest and most important bridge in Xinjiang. Wildflowers and wild fruit are everywhere, and you will be amazed by the continuous mountains and grasslands along the way. 

Then not far from the bridge we are going to visit the most beautiful mountain lake Sayram Lake, the another highlight of your northern Xinjiang tour, which is known as the last drop of tears of the Atlantic. Sayram Lake is a fairyland with wonderful natural scenery. Its water is very clear and pure. You can stroll on the shore, enjoy the blooming wildflowers and the beautiful grassland around the lake.

Continue our trip and we will pass by the Dushanzi Grand Canyon. After the river rushes out of the Tianshan Mountains, it cuts into the magical scenic canyon formed by the sloping plain to the southwest of Dushanzi. The terraces on both sides of the canyon can be clearly seen, which can be divided into at least 9 levels. The alluvial gullies formed by the snow and rainwater flowing down from the Tianshan Mountains through the soil here carved out these strange landscapes on the valley walls.

In the evening, drive to Kuitun downtown to stay overnight.

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Kuitun
Meals: Breakfast

Day 8Kuitun to Heavenly Lake then to Urumqi (267kms, 4.5hrs driving)

Today you will enjoy the tour of the picturesque Heavenly Lake (approximately 1.5hrs), 2000m up in the Tianshan mountain range. which is surrounded by the snow mountains, blooming wildflowers, evergreen pine trees. 40-minute scenic shuttle bus ride that twists though the dramatic mountains. Then you can either walk to the lakeside in 10mins or take the electronic cart. There are 3 options suggested. Boating cruise to take the incredible view of Tianshan Mountain. Trekking along the lake in the fresh air. or you can explore further to the Maya Mountain by the cable car to enjoy the magnificent view of the Mountains. 

Transport: Car
Accommodation: Overnight in Urumqi
Meals: Breakfast

Day 9Urumqi Departure

Today after enjoying your buffet breakfast in the hotel, you will be transferred to the airport and catch the flight home. Wish you a pleasant journey and hope to say you again in your next China tour! 

Transport: Car
Accommodation: No Accommodation
Meals: Breakfast

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Generally speaking End March—End Oct are the best time to visit Xinjiang. From mid April to mid of August is the best time to explore the vast grassland in Yili River valley which borders with Kazakhstan.Mid may to Mid Oct is the best time to explore north Xinjiang of Kanas Nature park. End March to Mid June, Sept and Oct are the perfect season to South Xinjiang for its pleasant weather and sweet fruits.  No need to worry about high altitude along the Xinjiang. We will prepare Oxygen bags if required. We offer beneficial Cancellation Policy to our customers.

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