King of Walnut Trees

  King of Walnut Trees In Yalawacu Village, Baghqi Township, Hetian County, there is a flourishing walnut tree over 20 meters high, which bears 5000-6000 walnuts every year. According to determination, it is about 570 years old and known as the “King of Walnut Trees".

More than 20,000 fruits are received each year, and fresh fruits are available from June to October. The fruits are large and tender, and the color is bright yellow. They are known as the "fairy fruit" on earth. The King of Figs has been lived for more than 500 years and has a long and unusually large history like this. Vibrant shrubs are rare not only in Xinjiang but also throughout the country. Although the King of Figs has a long history and the ancient King of Figs does not have the appearance of a dragon bell, three crops a year are still leafy and fruity. The crown of the tree is like a giant and chic green mushroom, covering an area of 0.1 hectares. The surrounding new branches are rooted and twisted with each other.


Scientific research shows that figs have a wide range of nutritional and medicinal values, contain no or little lipids and cholesterol. It is clear that soluble edible fiber not only helps to control blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol but also helps to prevent heart disease and stroke and certain cancers. It also has a significant weight loss effect and has a broad market prospect.

In recent years, with the help of relevant national poverty alleviation policies, Laika Village has set off a new round of fig cultivation and has achieved excellent economic benefits. At present, the planting area of figs in the whole township has reached 1,100 acres, and the income of each fig tree has reached 300 yuan. The market prospects for jam or dried fruit are even broader. It has become another highlight of increasing farmers' income in Layika Township.

Every spring, summer, and autumn, Thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists come here for sightseeing, and it is one of the famous tourist and cultural attractions in Hotan. The scenic area has a complete infrastructure and good condition of the toilet. The surrounding environment is beautiful. It is a great place to avoid the summer heat, cool off, and travel. The scenic spot is close to the county seat, with convenient transportation and high tourist value.