Yusuf Has Hajip Mazar

Yusuf Has Hajip Mazar Situated at back of People’s park in Kashi City, the Yusuf Has Hajip Mazar is the tomb of Yusuf Has Hajip, a famous poet and scholar of Karakhanid Dynasty in the 11th century and the author of the long narrative poem Kutadku Bilig (“The Knowledge of Happiness”). The tomb was originally situated near the Tuman River. But in Yarkand Khanate period, it was moved to the present site. In 1988, the tomb was rebuilt again. On the eastern part of the Mazar is a domed tomb hall covered with green glazed tiles. On the west stands a flat-roofed prayer hall, of which the wooden pillars are beautifully carved with flowers. All the structures are of traditional Uygur artistic style. Now the Mazar is a major cultural site under state protection.

  • Yusuf Has Hajip Mazar