Tombs of Rebiya and Sadin

The tombs are located in Shule County. It is said that Rebiya is a daughter of a rich man in a country of Kashi at the beginning of 19th century, and Sadin was a son of a poor family, they were brought up together from childhood and fell in love with each other, so they decided secretly to get married. But Rebiya’s father found that and was against it and affianced Rebiya to a rich man. Getting the news, Sadin was so sad that he died soon after. After going to Sadin’s tomb to hold a memorial ceremony for him just before getting married the rich man, Rebiya threw herself into a river to commit suicide. After she died, villagers buried her near Sadin’s tomb. Based on the tragic folk love story, the well-known poet Abudureim Nazaligen wrote a long narrative poem “Rebiya and Sadin”, which shocked countless Uygur people’s heart after its publication. For more than one century, these two yang people have become an embodiment of loyal and steadfast love in Uygur people.